Table of Land Measures adopted in the Republic of Mexico.

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The Mexican vara is the unit of all the measures of length, the pattern and size of which is taken from the Castillian vara of the mark of Burgos, and is the legal vara used in the Mexican republic. Fifty Mexican varas make a measure which is called cordel, which instrument is used in measuring lands.

The legal leagie contains 100 cordels or 5,000 varas, which is found by multiplying by 100 the 50 varas contained in a cordel. The league is divided into two halves and four quarters—this being the only division made of it. Half a league contains 2,500 varas, and a quarter of a league 1,250 varas.

Anciently, the Mexican league was divided into three miles, the mile into a thousand paces of Solomon, and one of these paces into five thirds of a Mexican vara ; consequently the league had 3,000 paces of Solomon. This division is recognized in legal affairs, but has been a very long time in disuse—the same as the pace of Solomon, which in those diys was called vara, and was used for measuring lands. The mark was equivalent to two varas and seven-eighths—that is, cight marks contained twenty-three varas, and was used for measuring lands,

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