" If e'er I incline.”


Coxcomb once

said He had Bet's Maidenhead, But 'twas false, as I told Mr. Wou'd-be.

His Doctor declar'd,

Impotency debarr'd,
The Fribble was not as he shou'd be.

As Beauty is us'd,

So Britannia's abus'd,
How many loud Coffee-house praters

Will boast of the weight

Which they have in the State,
And wou'd be the Nation's Dictators,

Such Creatures pretend

They can England befriend,
So attract or distract all about them;

That, pon onner, they know

How, when, what, and also, And the Ministry can't do without them.

When Candidates bow,

Patriotic they vow
To honour, esteem, and adore us;

But chose, they change soon,

They are taught the Court Tune, And chant in Majority's Chorus.

Reproach, if you please,

May impertinent teaze,
Rememb’rance attempt to awaken;

But th' answer is this,

I thought things amiss,
I really, my friend, was mistaken.

His Market is made,

We all live by Trade,
So buy or sell, Sirs--chuse you whether ;

Rich and Poor 'tis the same,

Change-alley's the game,
A job! a sad jcb altogether!

Our Animal Stuff,

Is not made of Bomb Proof,
When Temptation's Artillery assails;

As the Batt'ries begin,

We're betray'd from within,
The Flesh over Spirit prevails.

Corruption !- that's hard

But, from birth to church-yard,
What are we? but rotting along :

Folly moulders our Clay,

Each Vice has its Day,
But-good night-for I've done with my Song.


“ Attend all ye Fairs, I'll tell you the Art."


day her

To prepare for her face-making duty, Bacchus stood at her elbow, and swore that her plan

Wou'd not help it, but hinder her Beauty.

A Bottle young Semele held up to view,

And begg'd she'd observe his directionsThis Burgundy, dear Cytharea, will do,

'Tis a Rouge that refines all Complexions.

Too polite to refuse him, the Bumper she sips,

On his knees, the Buck begg'd she'd encore; The Joy-giving Goddess, with Wine-moisten'd lips,

Declar'd she wou'd Hob Nob once more.

Out of Window each Wash, Paste, and Powder, she

hurl'd, And the God of the Grape vow'd to join; Shook hands, sign’d and seal'd, then bid Fame tell

the World, The Union of Beauty and Wine.


"Genteel is my Damon, engaging his Air."


ET him fond of fibbing invoke which he'll chuse,

Mars, Bacchus, Apollo, or Madam the Muse;. Great names in the classical Kingdom of Letters, But Poets are apt to make free with their Betters.

I scorn to say aught, save the thing which is true,
No Beauties I'll plunder, yet give mine her due;
She has Charms upon Charms, such as few people
She has Charms,- for the Tooth-ach, and eke for the

may view,

Her Lips ;--she has two, and her Teeth they are white, And what she puts into her mouth, they can bite; Black and all Black her Eyes, but what's worthy

remark, They are shut when she sleeps, and she's blind in the


Her Ears from her Cheeks equal distance are bearing, 'Cause each side her head should go partners in hearing: The Fall of her Neck's the Downfall of Beholders, Love tumbles them in by the Head and the Shoulders.

Her Waist is-S0-30, so waste no words about it,
Her Heart is within it, her Stays are without it;
Her Breasts are so pair'd--two such Breasts when you

see, You'll swear that no woman yet born e'er had three.

Her Voice neither Nightingales, no! nor Canaries,
Nor all the wing'd warblers wild whistling vagaries:
Nor shall I to Instrument Music compare it,
'Tis likely, if you was not deaf you might hear it.

Her Legs are proportion'd to bear what they've

carry'd, And equally pair'd, as if happily marry'd; But Wedlock will sometimes the best friends divide, By her Spouse so she's sery'd when he throws them


Not too Tall, nor too Short, but I'll venture to say, She's a very good Size in the Middling way. She's—aye-that she is,-she is all, but I'm wrong, Her all I can't say, for I've sung ALL my Song.


« The dainty Dames who trip along."

THE blue Clouds from the Skies are fled,


Anu Vapours cap the Mountain's Head;
The Lord of Day resigns his reign,
While Twilight ushers in her Train.

But, what's all this to me ?

By Shepherds whist’ling o'er the Wold,
The Tink’ling Flocks are drove to fold;
Her brimming Pail the Milk-maid bears,
And hears her Love, or think she hears-

Yet what's all this to me?

From reeking Pools the Steams ascend,
Tall leafy Trees their shades extend;
Evening appears in matron grey,
And puts to blush the rakish Day.

Still, what's all this to me?

The flow'ry Beds have lost their bloom,
The Verdant Grove's conceal'd in gloom,
The Landscapes die upon the sight,
And chilly spreads the veil of Night.

Well! what's all this to me?

Tho' dismal birds begin to prowl,
The flitting Bat, the hooting Owl;
And Gloworms glimmer feeble rays,
The link-boys of the lightfoot Fays.

Why, what's all this to me?

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