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LD Homer! but with him what have we to do?

What are Grecians, or Trojans, to me or to you? Such Heathenish Heroes no more I'll invoke, Choice Spirits assist me, attend Hearts of Oak.

Derry down.

Sweet Peace, beloy'd handmaid of Science and Art,
Unanimity, take your Petitioner's part;
Accept of my Song, 'tis the best I can dom
But first, may it please ye—my service to you.
Perhaps my Address you may premature think,
Because I have mention'd no Toast as I drink;
There are many fine 'Toasts, but the best of 'em all
Is the Toast of the Times ; that is Liberty - Hall.

That fine British building by Alfred was fram'd,
Its grand corner-stone Magna Charta is nam'd;
Independency came at Integrity's call,
And form’d the front pillars of Liberty-Hall.

This Manor our forefathers bought with their blood, And their sons, and their sons sons, have prov'd the

deeds good; By that title we live, with that title we'll fall, For Life is not Life out of Liberty-Hall.

In mantle of honour, each star-spangled fold, Playing bright in the sun-shine, the burnish of gold, Truth beams on her breast; see, at Loyalty's call, The Genius of England in Liberty-Hall.

Ye sweet smelling Courtlings of ribband and lace,
The spaniels of Power, and Bounty's disgrace,
So supple, so servile, so passive ye fall,
'Twas Passive-obedience lost Liberty-Hall.

But when Revolution had settl’d the crown,
And Natural Reason knock'd Tyranny down,
No frowns cloath'd with Terror appear'd to appal,
The doors were thrown open of Liberty-Hall.
See England triumphant, her ships sweep

Her standard is Justice, her watch-word's be free;
Our King is our Countryman, Englishmen all,
GOD BLESS HIM, and bless us, in Liberty-Hall.


On vere is des All-Monsieur wants to know, 'Tis neither at Marli, Versailles, Fontainbleau : 'Tis a palace of no mortal architect's art, For LIBERTY-HALL is an ENGLISHMAN'S HEART.

Derry down.


* Ye Jasses who drive from the smoke of the Town,"

NE eve from Whist Table Amelia withdrew,

Join'd our Group, and she begg'd we'd explain Why year after year, by Wit's common-place Crew,

We are told Life's so short and so vain. With a Look that spoke more than all Cicero said, To me flew her order I bow'd, and obey'd.

“Our Sex, my fair Curious, are Vanity's fools,

« On bubbles of Self-love we soar; However a patron may pension his tools,

Dependency dodges for more. “ The Gross of Mankind are such near-sighted elves, As Trash they behold all the World, but them


“ Illib'ral Ingratitude always will scold,

" Expectancy's ever in pain; Abuse gives her tongue, and you need not be told,

“ The most worthless are always most vain. "Like pure silent streams, Merit keeps in its place, " Approach Dunce's torrent, Froth flies in your face, "When you bless the day, with your figure and face,

Insensibles seem to admire; " By love's Electricities-- Beauty and Grace,

“ Ev'n Dullness is struck with desire. “ Life's not worth without you, one half day's ex

pence, " 'Tis a world without Sun, and a Soul without


"O! wou'd ye, Ineffables, wou'd you endure,

“ To bestow upon Man a new birth; “ Your Forms are Specifics to furnish the cure,

" And eradicate Folly from Earth. "To

you, as our Sovereign, we offer our Hearts, " And only are happy when you take our parts.”


« Ev'ry where fine Ladies flirting.

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OUNGLINGS fond of Female Chaces,

Mount on Hopes in Wedlock's Races, Some for Fortune, some for Faces.

Doodle, doodle, doo, &c.

Oh! th' extatic joys which flow, Sir,
When two souls

congenial glow, Sir, This above, and that below, Sir.

Each’gainst each, like Wrestlers, twining.
Each with each engagement joining,
Now resisting, now resigning.

When imparadis’d they're pairing,
Ev'ry nerve stretch'd to its bearing,
Hardly knowing what nor wherein.

Fainting, panting-pulses thrilling
She-obedient waits, and willing,
But he's out of breath with billing.

Fain the Fair wou'd fondly dally,
Looking Love—but he don't rally,
Rather seeming—shilly shally.
Kissing, smiling, she cries—80! so!
Go you naughty creature, go! go!
While he yawns out-ah-ah!-oh! oh!

This indeed too often the case is,
Men will furious fall on Faces,
Then fall off into Disgraces.

All the work they make with wooings,
Couplings, changings, cursings, cooings,
Are but doodling doodle doings.

Falling back, then falling to, Sir,
We, like babies, beauties woo, Sir,
Love is Cock a doodle do, Sir.

Doodle, doodle, doo, &c.?


The Man who is drunk is void of all Care.

THAT Living'sa Joke, Johnny Gay has express'd,

, In earnest we'll make all we can of the Jest ;

Loll de roll, 63c. A load of conceits, a long life we are lugging, Which some are Humbugg’d by, and some are Humbugging.

Fal de roll, &c.

His Honour with consequence charges his face,
Bows round to the Levee, and ogles

His Grace; Then whispers his friend, Sir, depend on my Word, But if you depend, you're Humbugg’d by the Lord,

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