Some moments I suffer'd my Fair to take breath, Then, sighing, she cry'd, “ Lord! I'm frighted to

Death; Suppose, now, by any one I shou'd be seen ?" "Nay, nay, now,-nay, pray now. -Dear-.-what do you

?! “ Had I thought you wou'd be half so rude---fye!

for shame! " I wish I'd been wet to the skin e'er I came.


" You will have a Kiss then !-why, take one or two! “I beg you won't teize me!-Lord! what wou'd


do ? “ You'll tear all one'sthings--I ne'er saw sucha Man! " I will hold your hands tho'!--Aye, do if you can. " Is this your love for me ?-is this all " I'll never come near you again,-now, I swear !

your care?

As she push'd me away, Love explain’d by her eyes,
Resistance was only to heighten the Prize;
Her Face chang'd, alternate, from Scarlet to Snow,
Her Neck rose and fell fast, her Language was low.
Such Beauty! but more of that scene was not shewn-
For Decency here bid her Curtain drop down..

The Storm being over, all Sunshine the Air,
When instant rose up, the yet Love-looking Fair,
Crying, hark! there's one listens do look out, my

I must be bewitch’d, I am sure, to come here,
My things how they're rumpled ?-Lord ! let me

;) What have you been doing? and what have. I done?

Into this fatal place, I most solemnly vow,
I innocent enter'd--but am I so now?
I'm ruin'd, -I never myself can forgive-
I'll leap in the Brook; --for I'm sure I can't live!
If I do, my whole life will be wasted in Grief,
Unless here to-morrow you'll give me Relief.


" In this Mirror Bucks behold."

VEE this Bumper, Bucks be gay,

I scorn all imposition ;
If you'll pledge my Toast you may,

'Tis Courtship’s Coalition. When two parties close embrace,

And separation smother, He is upright in his place,

And downright is the other.

Whether 'tis to rise or fall,

Yet still his time improving, In the Cockpit at Whitehall

The best of measures moving, Outs will sometimes Ins become,

'Twixt both sides bold he ventures, Pushing things with vigour home,

Administration enters.

Certain of a strong support,

Each op'ning hé embraces, is All the time he stays at Court

His friends preserve their places.


The Members he depends upon,

When plac'd in proper Station,
The Star above the Garter won,

At Beauty's Installation.
In Love and State exact the same,

Respecting Mankind's wishes,
All the Cupboard's Key wou'd gain

To plunder Loaves and Fishes.
Placemen England have disgrac'd;

The daily papers tell us,
Howsoe'er you have men plac'd

Non Placets will be jealous.

Ministers may Places fill,

I buy none, nor am selling ;
A Thatch'd House underneath the Hill

Is what I chuse to dwell in.
Tho' it has no high-rais'd Roof,

Yet Prospects can command, Sir;
Not so low, but Room enough

For me upright to stand, Sir.

On the Hill, along the Dale,

I sometimes turn a Rover,
Then within the Mossy Vale

I slily creep to Cover.
There's the Sport, and that's the Spots ,

'Tis Pleasure's wild Plantation.
Lest the Toast shou'd be forgot-

Here's Love's Association.


[blocks in formation]

" When the Nymphs were contending for Beauty aad Grace.

what you say, Let Englishmen ever shew all folks fair play; Look

up, and reflect, e'er ye dare to despise, We are all Sons alike of one LORD of the Skies. Does He give to the Savage, the Turk, or the Jew, The Indian, or Catholic, less than to You? But Prejudice blinds us, that mind-maddning Elf, We all wou'd be wiser than WISDOM itself.

The unfeeling Base deny Sorrow a tear,
Vulgarities dare at Deformity sneer;
Tho' pity, 'tis true, but Observance will find
The term Vulgar takes in two-thirds of Mankind.

We wrangle, we ridicule, laugh, and despair,
Then rashly our, what we call, Reasons declare;
Illib'ral on Customs and Countries decree,
And sentence each Being born t'other side Sea.,

At Scotsmen we spurn, and at Irishmen sneer;
Partiality, prithee a word in your ear
With looks of contempt other Nations you view,
With equal injustice they thus deride you.

Hospitality, somehow, was banish'd from town, Good nature enquir'd where Welcome was flown; By Faction drove off, she returns here no more, Contentedly settled on Ireland's shore.

For the Scots-if we suffer not Party to rate,
There are Wise Men among 'em; and Good Men,

and Great ; Where e'er Merit's found, give that Merit its due, To praise the Praise-worthy, adds Merit to you.

To Oblivion consign those Distinctions of Soil,


Men all born in one Isle? The same sea encircles our shores with its tide, What Creation unites thus shall Clamour divide ?

Here's to all the Good Fellows, in ev'ry Degree, Who dare do as we do, drink, think, and speak

free; And here's to those Lasses who Liberty prove, And pledge from their Hearts this Toast, FREEDOM



"I have a Tenement to let.


YIRCE was a precious piece,

A plague upon the Gypsey,
She dol'd out drink somewhere in Greece,

And made her Tenants tipsey ;
And then each filthy swinish Sot,

Engend'ring 'mong her Devils, Upon those obscene Imps begot

A harpy Spawn of Evils.

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