Dick offer'd to lift up the Lass as she lay.
A look, full of tenderness, told him to stay ;

“ So soon Dick will you go ?
6 I wish dear me !-heigh ho!”

Vibrating with heart-heaving sighs,

Her tucker trembling to and fro',
Her crimson'd cheeks, her glist'ning eyes,

Proclaim'd Possession's glow.
Dick bid her farewell, but she, languishing, cry'd,
As wanton she play'd by her fall’n Shepherd's side;

“ A moment! pray sit still,
“ Since now you've had your will.”

“ Lord! (cries the Girl) you hasty men,

6. Of Love afford but one poor proof; “ Our Fowls at home, each Sparrow Hen,

66 Is ten times better off. “ No! that you shou'd not, had I known your

design, “ But, since you've had your will, pray let me have

So, once more, e'er we rise,
“ Do, dear Dick, save my eyes."



« Christmas now is coming."

URORA, Lady grey,

Hides her face in blushes ;
Budding, blanching May,
Whitens hawthorn bushes.


See the Clouds transparent,

See the Sunshine rising ; London Rakes,' I warrant,

Wou'd think this surprizing.

See the Sturdy Swains,

Trenching-ploughs are holding; Some on pebbly plains,

Last nights pens unfolding.

How the Swine-yards woo?

How the Herds are lowing ? While the Pigeons coo,

Barn-door fowls are crowing.

Here are Flora's dressings,

Air-fill'd perfume here is, Here Pomona's blessings,

Here the gifts of_Ceres.

Hark! the tinkling Rills,

And the bubbling Fountains; Cascade'o'er the hills,

Tumble down the mountains.

See! at welcome Wakes,

Shew-folks Fire-eating ; While, with Ale and Cakes,

Fack his Girl is treating.

Hark! the distant Drum,

Lasses all look frighted; But, when Soldiers come,

Girls how you're delighted.

Night her shutters closing,

All the Village still is,
Save where, unreposing,

Captain calls on Phillis.

While she lets her Spark in,

Shooting Stars are sailing,
Farmer's Dogs are barking,

Comets dreadful trailing.

For to Scholars thinking,

Omens must be telling ;
Whether worlds are sinking,

Or if waists are swelling.

But, my Lads and Lasses,

Mind a friend's advisings,
Let us fill our glasses

To our Falls and Risings.


“ To please me the more, and to change the dull scene.”


UPPOSE Twelve has struck, wherefore

pray all this fuss ? Next time 'will strike less, what are Hours to us? Let the Sun rule the day, and the Moon mark the

night; Without Rules, or Schools, sure we know when

we're right.

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The Inf'rence from hence which I draw, but first

drink, A Bumper's the best preparation to think : I infer, nay affirm, and with me you must join, Life's not Life without Love, Love's not Love with

out Wine.

This Truth I'll maintain, thys maintaining my post,
And give in this bumper a Truth for my toast.-
I'm sure to be pledg’d by each Lass-loving Youth,
Here's a Brusher, my Bucks, to the fam'd naked


At first we are into this world pulld and teaz’d;
At our getting, Papa and Mamma may be pleas'd;
But as to us Babes, Nature's multiplication,
Begot for diversion, we're born in vexation.

We are Fools in green youth, mankind ripe into

Knaves, Grey hairs turn to Money, or Mistresses Slaves; To our burial from birth, passive objects of Fear, Keep the door shut, and don't let that Scrub slip in


Let Ill-will abuse us, Hypocrisy bawl,
Vain-zeal the cry join, we join laugh'gainst them all;
Self-denial may sermonize, Temperance teaze,
We live as we like-let them live as they please.

Our Voyage is pleasure, Hope hoists up the Sail,
Our Pilot is Instinct, Desire the Gale;
To Beauty we're bound, we've Bacchus on board,
Our Guns by Love loaded, Enjoyment's the Word.

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NO excel in Bon Ton, both as Genius and Critic,

And be quite the thing, Sir, Immense Scientific; On all exhibitions give sentence by guess, With shrugs and stolen phrases that sentence express.

Sing tantararara Taste all. The money you squander your judgement confirms, You need not know Science, repeat but the terms; The labour of Learning belongs to the poor, Do but pay--that's enough for a True Connoisseur.

As to Shakespeare, or Purcell, why you may allow They were well-enough once--but they will not do

now, Admit Neruton's clever, just clever,-- that's all ; And formerly, faith, we might fancy White-halt.

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