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The Parent
The Point
The Sweethearts
Time Killer
Time for all Things
Time's Defeat
Tom O' Bedlam
Το ay and To-

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To Drink
Toll, Loll de Roll
Toll, Loll, Loll
True Blue
Transit of Venus
What's that to me
Song the last

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Already mark ;-Sir Cynic scowls,

Rage wrinkling on his brow; To see, O shame! two am'rous Owls,

Instinctive on yon Bough.

With outspread hands, and upcast eyes,

As Bigots tell their stories, Th'o'er-zealous Commentator cries,

O Tempora! O Mores!

But why should Critics carp at Songs?

Or Classic Scales apply?
To them alone this freight belongs,

Who'd rather laugh than cry.

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SONGS, "Comic and Satirical.


TUNE-Derry Down.

NUPID sent on a message one evening by Venus,

As ill-luck wou'd have it, was met by Silenus;
The big-belly'd Sot ask'd the Urchin to play,
And the silly lad gam'd all Love's weapons away,

Derry down, &c. His Bow from the Bubble, the old Gambler drew, And into a crutch-headed Stick turn'd the Yew: The String was tough Catgut, Si. swore it was well, A strong line he wanted, to ring his Bar Bell. Love's Arrows were Cane, he divided the joints, Pipe-stoppers the ends made, and Pick-teeth the points. The Feathers to brush down his tables were clever; And to a Tobacco-pouch turn'd the boy's Quiver.


For pipe-lighting Matches he chose Billet-deux, And away, at each puff, went a Sonneteer's Vows, His Tinder was drawn from the brains of the Jealous; And long-bottled Sighs he preserv'd for his Bellows. Hermes took the lad home, told the story to Venus, She dash'd down her tea-cup, and flew to Silenus: Then threaten'd her Captain shou'd kick the old

Clown, But he laugh’d, and he smoak'd, and he sung derry


She squeez'd his hard hand, and his filthy beard strok’d, Nay kiss'd him, tho' with his tobacco-fumes choak'd ; Then begg’d the boy's Arms, but Si. swore with a

frown, He'd be damn'd if he gave them for her Derry downs She whipt her doves back, 'vastly piqued you may

guess, In Synod Celestial demanded Redress; Jove laugh'd at the jest, and he vow'd, by his Crown. When Spouse rail'd hereafter he'd singe Derry down.

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Ye Husbands, too

fond, who are Feminine-foold, And tamely, by Petticoat Government ruldre? Resist your Wives Railings, their shrill trebles

drown, By smoaking, and singing of-Down, derry down.

Derry down, &c.

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