The Tyranny of Tears: A Comedy in Four Acts

S. French, 1900 - 152 pagina's

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Pagina 162 - THE GENESIS OF THE UNITED STATES. A Narrative of the Movement in England, 1605-1616, which resulted in the Plantation of North America by Englishmen, disclosing the Contest, between England and Spain for the Possession of the Soil now occupied by the United States of America; set forth through a series of Historical Manuscripts now first printed, together with a Re-issue of Rare Contemporaneous Tracts, accompanied by Bibliographical Memoranda, Notes, and Brief Biographies.
Pagina 155 - THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MR. BADMAN. Presented to the world in a familiar dialogue between MR. WISEMAN and MR. ATTENTIVE. By JOHN BUNYAN, Author of "The Pilgrim's Progress.
Pagina 163 - IN THE TRACK OF THE SUN. Readings from the Diary of a Globe-Trotter. By FREDERICK DIODATI THOMPSON. With many Illustrations by Mr. HARRY FENN and from Photographs.
Pagina 130 - Is the calm thine of stoic souls, who weigh Life well, and find it wanting, nor deplore ; But in disdainful silence turn away, Stand mute, self-centred, stern, and dream no more?
Pagina 175 - THE LAST SENTENCE. By MAXWELL GRAY, Author of " The Silence of Dean Maitland,
Pagina 163 - NOTES FOR THE NILE. Together with a Metrical Rendering of the Hymns of Ancient Egypt and of the Precepts of Ptahhotep (the oldest book in the world). By HARDWICKE D.
Pagina 162 - Reuter's Agency and Artist for the Graphic. With 32 full-page Illustrations from Drawings by the Author, and Photographs, and 10 Plans and Maps. 8vo, price js.
Pagina 161 - Volume, demy 8vo, price i2.r. net. THE CASTLES OF ENGLAND: their Story and Structure, By Sir JAMES D. MACKENZIE, Bart. Dedicated by gracious permission to HM the Queen. In Two Volumes, Imperial 8vo, with 40 full-page Plates, and over 150 Illustrations in the Text and many Plans.
Pagina 170 - Universelle," 4. CENTRAL EUROPE. By Dr. JOSEPH PARTSCH, Professor of Geography in the University of Breslau. 5. AFRICA. By Dr. J. SCOTT KELTIE, Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society, Editor of "The Statesman's Year Book," Author of "The Partition of Africa.
Pagina 163 - ACTUAL AFRICA; or, The Coming Continent. A Tour of Exploration. By FRANK VINCENT, Author of " The Land of the White Elephant.

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