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Troubles after the Abdication of Diocletian.Death of Constantius.Elevation of Con-
stantine and Jllaxentius.Six Emperors at the sometime.Death of Maximian and
Galerius.Victories of Constantine over Maxentius and Licinius.Be union of the
Empire under the Authority of Constantine.



Importance of the Inquiry 57

Its difficulties - ib.

Five causes of the growth of

Christianity - 58

I. The FinsT Cause. Zeal of

the Jews - ib.

Its gradual increase - 60)

Their religion better suited to

defence than to conquest 61

More liberal zeal of Christianity 6o

Obstinacy and reasons of the be-

lieving Jews - 64

The Nazarene church of Jerusalem 05

The Ebionites - 67

The Gnostics - 68

Their sects, progress.and influence 70

The daemons considered as the

gods of antiquity - 7~

Abhorrence of the Christians for

idolatry - 74

Ceremonies - - ib

Arts - - 75

Festivals 76

Zeal for Christianity - 77.

II. The Second Cause. The doc-

trine of the immortality of the

soul among the philosophers ib

Among the Pagans of Greece and

Konie - - 79

Among the Barbarians and the

Jews - - 801

Among the Christians - 81'

Approaching end of the world ib.

Doctrine of the Milennium 82

Conflagration of Kome and of the

world - - :!

The Pagans devoted to eternal

punishment - - 85

Were often converted by their fears 87

HI. The Third Cause. Miracu-

lous powers of the primitive

church - ib.

Their truth contested - 89]

Our perplexity in defining the

miraculous period - ib.

Use of the primitive miracles 91

IV. The Fourth Cause. Virtues

of the first Christians - 92;

Effects of their repentance ib.

Care of their reputation - 931

Morality of the Fathers - 94)

Principles of human nature 951

The primitive Christians con-

demn pleasure and luxury ib.

Their sentiments concerning

marriage and chastity - 971

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