Includes "Statistical tables compiled from the annual returns of the railroad companies of the state."

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Side 284 - 3. Any railroad company not complying with the provisions of this act on or before the first day of September, 1866, shall forfeit to the treasurer of this state one hundred dollars for each and every day of said neglect, said penalty to be recovered in an action upon this statute.
Side 256 - stone and gravel, and for necessary turnouts, may take as much more land, within the limits of its charter, in the manner provided in this act, as may be necessary for the proper construction and security of the road; and if it shall not be able to
Side 269 - may make their application in writing to the superior court in the county where such depot is located, and if said court is not in session, to any judge of the superior court or of the supreme court of errors, praying that said company may be ordered to stop the train or trains mentioned in said application, at said depot.
Side 246 - obtained; and any person who shall violate the provisions of this section, shall be disqualified from holding any office in said railroad company, for the term of one year thereafter.
Side 197 - one mile, to and from other roads, Number of tons carried one mile to and from other roads, Rate of speed adopted for express passenger trains, including stops, . Average rate of speed actually attained by express passenger trains, including stops and detentions, Rate of speed adopted for accommodation trains, . . . . 20 miles per hour. Average rate
Side 273 - for such commutation ; and such price shall, in no case, be raised to an extent that shall alter the ratio, as it existed on the first day of July, 1865, between such commutation and the rates then charged for way fare, on the railroad of such company.
Side 116 - amount paid other companies, in tolls for passengers and freight carried on their roads, specifying each company, For amount paid other companies, for the use of their roads, specifying each company, .... For salaries of president, treasurer, superintendent, law expenses, office expenses of the above officers, and all other expenses not included in
Side 288 - five hundred and thirty-eighth, five hundred and thirty-ninth, five hundred and forty-first, five hundred and forty-second, five hundred and fortythird, five hundred and forty-fourth, and five hundred and forty-fifth sections of this act, shall be commenced within one year after the cause of action shall have arisen.
Side 268 - they may give such directions and orders in regard to the stoppage of any of the trains upon said railroad, at or near said village, for the purpose of receiving and discharging passengers and freight, as they shall deem it just and reasonable. SECT. 2. Any railroad company which shall re-
Side 213 - AND WATERBURY RAILROAD. Return of the Watertown and Waterbury Railroad, under the Act of 1853. Capital Stock, . . . $118,200.00 Increase of capital since last Report, Capital paid in, per last Report, . 115,532.92 Capital paid in since last Report, Total amount of capital stock paid in, Funded debt, per last Report, . Funded debt, paid since last Report,

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