Notes from the Leyden Museum, Volume 15


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Pagina 284 - Report on the Podophthalmous Crustacea, collected in the year 1891 by Dr. H. Ten Kate in some Islands of the Malay Archipelago.
Pagina 308 - Weber , and that had a length of 46 millim. from the apex of the rostrum to the tip of the telson , the example of GreatBastaard measuring 74 millim.
Pagina 262 - Senegambie , d'ou on en apporte au dire >des marchands, des individus vivants en Europe. Quoi>qu'il en soit nous ne croyons pas qu'il ait jamais e"te > observ^ a I'e'tat sauvage.
Pagina 316 - ... Holland and England. Holland, although so much smaller than the United Kingdom, is the regular abode, at different seasons, of 221 species of birds, whilst the British Islands can only boast of 211. Dr. R.
Pagina 313 - ... as long as that between the pectorals. Axillary small , inguinal large. Head moderate with feebly hooked beak , upper head shields small and irregular.
Pagina 285 - Confer: de Man, in: Journal of the Linnean Soc. of London, Vol. XXII, 1888, p.
Pagina 142 - The elytra at the base broader than the base of the thorax...

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