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MONDAY, December 2, 1805.

of March last; of AARON KITCHEL, appointed a The first session of the Ninth Congress, con- Senator by the Legislature of the State of New formably to the Constitution of the United States. Jersey, to serve during the term limited by the commenced this day, at the City of Washington,

Constitution; of TIMOTHY PICKERING, appointed and the Senate assembled.

a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Mas

sachusetts, for the term of six years, to commence PRESENT:

on the 4th day of March last; of DANIEL SMITH, WILLIAM PLUMER and NICHOLAS GILMAN, from

appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the New Hampshire.

State of Tennessee, for the term of six years, from JOHN QUINCY Adams and Timothy PICKER

the 3d of March last; and of BUCKNER THRUSING, from Massachusetts.

TON, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of JAMES HILLHOUSE, and Urian Tracy, from

the State of Kentucky. Connecticut.

The oath was administered by the President to JAMES FENNER, from Rhode Island.

the following Senators, as the law prescribes : STEPHEN R. BRADLEY and Israel Smith, from

Mr. Baldwin, Mr. FENNER, Mr. Gilman, Mr. Vermont.

KITCHEL, Mr. PICKERING, and Mr. Smith, of TenSAMUEL L. Mirchill, from New York,

nessee; also, to Mr. SUMTER, appointed a SenaJohn Condit and AARON KITCHEL, from New

tor by the Legislature of the State of South Car

olina, for the term of six years, commencing on GEORGE LOGAN and Samuel Maclay, from the 4th day of March last. Pennsylvania.

· Ordered, That the Secretary wait on the PresSAMUEL WHITE, from Delaware.

ident of the United States, and acquaint bim that SAMUEL Smith, from Maryland.

a quorum of the Senate is assembled, and that, in David Stone, from North Carolina.

the absence of the Vice President, they have TeoMAS SUMTER and John GAILLARD, from elected the honorable SAMUEL SMITH President South Carolina.

of the Senate pro tempore. ABRAHAM BALDWIN, from Georgia,

Ordered, That the Secretary make a like comDavid Smith, from Tennessee.

munication to the House of Representatives. Thomas WORTHINGTON, from Ohio.

Ordered, That Messrs. SUMTER and MITCHILL The VICE PRESIDENT being absent, the Senate be a committee, on the part of the Senate, with proceeded to the election of a President pro tem., such committee as the House of Representatives as the Constitution provides, and the honorable may appoint on their part, to wait on the PresiSAMUEL SMITH was appointed.

dent of the United States and notify him that a The credentials of the following Senators were quorum of the two Houses is assembled, and ready read, viz:

| to receive any communication that he may be Of ABRAHAM BALDWIN, appointed a Senator

BALDWIN, appointed a Senator | pleased to make to them. by the Legislature of the State of Georgia, for | Resolved, That each Senator be supplied durthe term of six years, from the 3d day of March ing the present session with three such newspalast; of James A. Bayard, appointed a Senator pers, printed in any of the States, as he may choose, by the Legislature of the State of Delaware, for provided that the same be furnished at the usual the term of six years, from the 3d day of March rate for the annual charge of such papers. last; of James FENNER, appointed a Senator by Resolved, That JAMES MATHERS, Sergeant-atthe Legislature of the State of Rhode Island, for Arms and Doorkeeper to the Senate, be, and he the term of six years, from the 3d day of March is hereby, authorized to employ one assistant and last ; of Nicholas GILMAN, appointed a Senator two borses, for the purpose of performing such by the Legislature of the State of New Hamp- services as are usually required by the Doorkeeper shire, for the term of six years, from the 3d day I to the Senate; and that the sum of twenty-eight




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dollars be allowed him weekly for that purpose municable in the country, either by persons under the during the session, and for twenty days after. disease, or by goods carried from diseased places ; that

Resolved, That two Chaplains, of different de. its access is with the autumn, and it disappears with nominations, be appointed to Congress, for the

the early frosts. These restrictions, within narrow present session, one by each House, who'shall insent session one by each House who'shallin. limits of time and space, give security even to our mar

| itime cities during three-fourths of the year, and to the terchange weekly. Ordered, That the Secretary desire the con

country always. Although from these facts it appears currence of the House of Representatives in this

unnecessary, yet to satisfy the fears of foreign nations,

and cautions on their part, not to be complained of in resolution.

a danger whose limits are yet unknown to them, I

have strictly enjoined on the officers at the head of the Tuesday, December 3.

customs to certify, with exact truth, for every vessel Joseph ANDERSON, from the State of Tennes

sailing for a foreign port, the state of health respecting

this fever which prevails at the place from which she see; BUCKNER THRUSTON, from the State of Ken

sails. Under every motive from character and duty to tucky; and ROBERT WRIGHT, from the State of

certify the truth, I have no doubt they have faithfully Maryland, attended

executed this injunction, Much real injury has, howA message from the House of Representatives

ever, teen sustained from a propensity to identify with informed the Senate that a quorum of the House this endemic, and to call by the same name, fevers of of Representatives is assembled, and have appoint- very different kinds, which have been known at all ed NATHANIEL Macon, Esq., one of the Repre- times and in all countries, and never have been placed sentatives for North Carolina, their Speaker, and among those deemed contagious. As we advance in are ready to proceed to business. The House of our knowledge of this disease, as facts develop the Representatives have appointed a committee on source from which individuals receive it, the State autheir part, jointly, with the committee appointed thorities charged with the care of the public health, and on the part of the Senate, to wait on the Presi Congress with that of the general commerce, will bedent of the United States, and notify him that a come able to regulate with effect their respective funcquorum of the two Houses is assembled, and ready

tions in these departments. The burden of quaranto receive any communications that he may be

tines is felt at home as well as abroad; their efficacy pleased to make to them. The House of Repre

merits examination. Although the health laws of the

States should be found to need no present revisal by sentatives agree to the resolution of the Senate

Congress, yet commerce claims that their attention be for the appointment of two Chaplains.

ever awake to them. Mr. SUMTER reported, from the committee appointed yesterday to wait on the President of the

Since our last meeting the aspect of our foreign United States, that they had performed the ser

relations has considerably changed. Our coasts have vice, and that the President of the United States

been infested, and our harbors watched, by private

armed vessels, some of them without commissions, informed the committee that he would make his

some with illegal commissions, others with those of communications to the two Houses at twelve

legal form, but committing piratical acts beyond the o'clock this day.

authority of their commissions. They have capturThe oath prescribed by law was administered ed, in the very entrance of our harbors, as well as to Mr. THRUSTON.

on the high seas, not only the vessels of our friends The following Message was received from the coming to trade with us, but our own also. They PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:

have carried them off under pretence of legal adjudicaTo the Senate and House of Representatives

tion; but, not daring to approach a court of justice, of the United States of America :

they have plundered and sunk them by the way, or in At a moment when the nations of Europe are in obscure places, where no evidence could arise against commotion, and arming against each other, and when them; maltreated the crews, and abandoned them in those with whom we have principal intercourse are en boats in the open sea, or on desert shores, without food

n the general contest, and when the coun-or covering. These enormities appearing to be untenance of some of them towards our peaceable reached by any control of their Sovereigns, I found it country threatens that even that may not be unaf- necessary to equip a force to cruise within our own fected by what is passing on the general theatre, a seas, to arrest all vessels of these descriptions found meeting of the Representatives of the nation in both hovering on our coasts, within the limits of the Gulf Houses of Congress has become more than usually de- Stream, and to bring the offenders in for trial as pisirable. Coming from every section of our country

rates. they bring with them the sentiments and the informa | The same system of hovering on our coasts and hartion of the whole, and will be enabled to give a direc- bors, under color of seeking enemies, has been also tion to the public affairs, which the will and the wis- carried on by public armed ships, to the great annoydom of the whole will approve and support.

ance and oppression of our commerce. New princiIn taking a view of the state of our country, we, in ples, too, have been interpolated into the law of nathe first place, notice the late affliction of two of our tions, founded neither in justice nor the usage or accities under the fatal fever which, in latter times, has knowledgment of nations. According to these, a beloccasionally visited our shores. Providence, in his ligerent takes to itself a commerce with its own goodness, gave it an early termination on this occasion, enemy which it denies to a neutral, on the ground of and lessened the number of victims which have usually its aiding that enemy in the war. But reason revolts fallen before it. In the course of the several visitations at such an inconsistency, and the neutral, having equal by this disease, it has appeared that it is strictly local, right with the belligerent to decide the question, the incident to cities and on the tide waters only, incom- interests of our constituents, and the duty of maintain.


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