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Side 93 - Its peculiarities are the rigorous use of the Doctrine of Limits, as a foundation of the subject, and as preliminary to the adoption of the more direct and practically convenient infinitesimal notation and nomenclature ; the early introduction of a few simple formulas and methods for integrating ; a rather elaborate treatment of the use of infinitesimals in pure geometry ; and the attempt to excite and keep up the interest of the student by bringing in throughout the whole book, and not merely at...
Side 95 - Taylor's Calculus was found to be in use in about sixty colleges. The Nation, New York : In the first place, it is evidently a most carefully written book. . . . We are acquainted with no text-book of the Calculus which compresses so much matter into so few pages, and at the same time leaves the impression that all that is necessary has been said. In the second place, the number of carefully selected examples, both of those worked out in full in illustration of the text, and of those left for the...
Side 94 - Mailing price, $3.15 ; for introduction, $3.00. fPHIS book is intended as an introduction to the treatment of some of the important Linear Partial Differential Equations which lie at the foundation of modern theories in physics, and...
Side 76 - A cos 6 = cos a cos c + sin a sin c cos B cos c = cos a cos 6 + sin a sin 6 cos C Law of Cosines for Angles cos A = — cos B...
Side 98 - ... however, its rate at any instant is determined essentially in the same manner, viz. : by letting it change at the rate it had at the instant in question and observing what this change is. It is this change which the Calculus enables us to determine, however complicated the law of variation may be. From the author's experience in presenting the Calculus to beginners, the method of rates gives the student a more intelligent, that is, a less mechanical, grasp of the problems within its scope than...
Side 97 - The memory is aided by analogies, and it is believed that the entire subject can be mastered in less time than is usually given to Plane Trigonometry alone, as the work contains but 29 pages of textThe Plane portion is compact, and complete in itself.
Side 93 - Peirce's Elements of Logarithms. With an explanation of the author's Three and Four Place Tables. By Professor JAMES MILLS PEIRCE, of Harvard University. 12mo. Cloth. 80 pages. Mailing price, 55 cents ; for introduction, 50 cents.
Side 97 - SERIES of nearly three hundred examples with answers, sys•^ tematically arranged and grouped under the different cases, and accompanied by concise rules for the solution of each case. Selden J. Coffin, Prof, of Astron- 1 ance is most timely, and it supplies omy, Lafayette College : Its appear- | a manifest want.
Side 95 - Carhart, Prof, of Mathematics, Western University of Pennsylvania : I am pleased to note the success which has attended Professor Hyde's efforts to bring into more popular form a branch of mathematics which is at once so abbreviated in form and so comprehensive in results. Elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus. With Examples and Applications. By JM TAYLOR, Professor of Mathematics in Colgate University.

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