Monumenta Graeca et Romana: Mutilation and transformation : damnatio memoriae and Roman imperial portraiture

BRILL, 1. jan. 2004 - 340 sider
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The condemnation of memory inexorably altered the visual landscape of imperial Rome. Representations of 'bad' emperors, such as Caligula, Nero, Domitian, Commodus, or Elagabalus were routinely reconfigured into likenesses of victorious successors or revered predecessors. Alternatively, portraits could be physically attacked and mutilated or even executed in effigy. From the late first century B.C. until the fourth century A.D., the recycling and destruction of images of emperors, empresses, and other members of the imperial family occurred on a vast scale and often marked periods of violent political transition. This volume catalogues and interprets the sculptural, glyptic, numismatic and epigraphic evidence for "damnatio memoriae" and ultimately reveals its praxis to be at the core of Roman cultural identity.

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Chapter Two Caligula Milonia Caesonia andJulia Drusilla
Chapter Three Nero and Poppaea
Chapter Four OtherJulioClaudians
Chapter Five A D 69
Chapter Six Domitian
Chapter Seven Commodus Lucilla Crispina and Annia Fundania Faustina
Chapter Eight The Severans A D 193235
Chapter Nine The Later Third Century 235285
Chapter Ten The Early Fourth Century
Catalogue of Mutilated and Altered Portraits
andJulia Mammaea
Index of Museums and Collections
General Index
List of Illustrations and Photo Credits

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Side 290 - Damnatio memoriae umgearbeitete Nero- und Domitiansporträts: Zur Ikonographie der flavischen Kaiser und des Nerva.
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Eric R. Varner, Ph.D. (1993) in Classics, Yale University is Assistant Professor of Art History and Classics, Emory University. He has published on Roman portraits, including the catalogue From Caligula to Constantine: Tyranny and Transformation in Roman Imperial Portraiture (Atlanta, 2000).

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