Verbs deponent are formed like passives, but signify like actives; as, sequor, I follow, not I am followed.

The she-goat follows. Thy- Sequor* capella. Thy

moetes advises. Unconquered he moetes hortor'. Invictus dies. The enemies threaten. morior***. Minor' hosThe frogs wander. Years glide tis, Vagor' rana. Labor* away. He himself confesses. annus. Ipse fateor*.


The altar smokes. We fly. Phyllis loves. The shade hurts. Glory remains. Labour conquers. Another draws. Care comes. Apollo reigns. Water flows. Studies delight. The fates call. Death terrifies. Does the boy read ! Does the shepherd come ? Time flies. Love increases. Help comes. The sun rises. The clouds fly. The dog follows. The wood stands. The sun descends. The stag flies.

Altar, altáre ; smokes, fumo' : fly, fugio* : shade, umbra; hurts, noceo3 : glory, gloria; remains, maneo* : labour, labor; conquers, ninco3 : another, alius ; draws, traho* : care, cura ; comes, venio4 : 4pollo; reigns, regno' : water, aqua ; flows, fluo* : studies, studium ; delight, defectô : fate, fatum ; call, voco' : death, mors; terrifies, terreo* : read, lego* : shepherd, upilio : time, tempus : love, amor ; ncreases, cresco* : help, auxilium : ' rises, surgo3: clouds, nubes .

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The wood did stand. I Sylva stabat. Veni, came, I saw, I conquered. vidi, vici. Caper deerThe he-goat had wandered. ravérat.

ExERcIsE 2.

I did sing. Thou wast play- Cano*. Ludo*. Aquila ing. The eagle was flying. The volo'. Romänus vinco*. Romans have conquered. The Pater rideo*. Troja cado*. father laughed. Troy fell. Hon- Honor jubeo*. Cicéro our had commanded. Cicero had scribo*. written.

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Thou hast played. Has he taught ? Have they admonished?

He had led. Ye have studied.
I had sent.
The king will conquer.

ows have drunk. Hector fell.

They have commanded.

The house had stood. The hour had come.
Foxes will deceive.

The mead

The sisters were weeping.

The empire had stood. The writings will refute. The

condition will please.

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Begin, Damætas. Stay thou. Incipe, Damæta. Ma

Letus study. Let the boys re- ne or manëto. Studeá

main. Let the ox lie down. mus.* Puéri maneant. Bos decumbat.

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* See Adam's Lat. Gram. Ster. Ed. page 95, note ; and page 120, bs. 6.

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Let us buy. Let the horse run.
Leave off, boy.
Let the* winter come.
Let the Muses sing. Let the eye see.

hither. Let him rest. Play thou.

Farewell. Come ye
Let us repeat.
Let them contend.

Let the girl dance.

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The apples may hang. Boys can learn. The bird should sing. The cock should have crowed. The dog should have

rum. Cæsar will have triumphed. Apples,

The horse should have drawn.

Time will have flown

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A messenger is sent.

Authors are read. We are taken.

Thou art prépared. A voice is heard. The boys are hindered. The"city is fortified. Laws are given. The horse is tired. Ye are despised. The travellers are plundered. The leaves are scattered

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Words were read. The wa- Verba legebantur. ter has been disturbed. The Aqua turbáta est. Boves oxen have been sought. Ships quæsti sunt. Navesmerhad been sunk. A voice shall sæ erant. Vox audiétur. be heard.


Wars were prepared. Food Bellum paro'. Cibus was bought. The men were sent. emo*. Homo mitto*. DoThe house was built. A letter mus ædifico'. Epistöla has been lost. The money, has amitto*. Pecunia solvo'. been paid. Friends have been Amicus invenio*. Fabüla found. Fables have been written. scribo*.

The boys had been educated. Puer edüco'. CaduceäThe herald had. been recalled. tor revöco'. Princeps inThe prince had been invited. vito'. Tempus muto'. The times will be changed. The Miles interficio*. Navis soldier will be killed. The ship mergo*. Luna obscüro'. will be sunk. The moon will be eclipsed.


I was sent. Thou wast bought. Ye were invited. The lambs have been counted. Laws have been given. The leaves have been scattered. The enemy had been conquered. The letter had been written. Thou wilt be praised. I shall be recalled. The city will be plundered. The men will be blamed.

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