SINCE the first issue of this work the Penal Code has received amendments by Act IV of 1898, themost important of which is the substitution of a new section for 124A. The Criminal Procedure Code has also been amended in numerous minor details by Act V of 1898. The former numbering of the sections has been preserved, for which the Legislative Secretary will be remembered with gratitude by all concerned in the administration of Criminal justice. A very important judgment of the Judicial Committee in the appeal of Subramaniya Iyer v. the King-Emperor was delivered on the 2nd August, which will be found as an Addendum. The twenty new sections in Part II, are chiefly concerned with a discussion on the jurisdiction of the Indian authorities over Cantonments, Civil Stations and railways in Native States, which was suggested to me as desirable by Mr. Chalmers in a valuable note which he sent to me on the publication of the former edition.

I regret very much the long list of errata. They chiefly arise from my own omission to correct many of the cross references in the copy sent to the Press.


TEMPLE, August, 1901.

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