judicious remarks of his Friends. And he propofes it as a Liturgy to be made ufe of by a fos ciety of like-minded Chriftians; amongst whom he fhould be happy if his own labours in the miniftry of the gospel might find acceptance.

As many worthy Perfons are diffatisfied with the present Liturgy, this effay towards an improve


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ment of it, may call forth the labours of others to make it a more rational and edifying compofition.

He is moreover encouraged to publish it, from the hope that beneficial effects may in time arise from it, to virtue and true religion: and he will have abundant caufe of rejoicing, if haply it fhould, in the remoteft


degree, conduce to the REFORMATION, fo long wanted, and now fo loudly called for in the national church.


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The ORDER for MORNING PRAYER, Every Lord's Day throughout the Year. The fame to be used, with the proper Collects, upon CHRISTMAS-DAY, GOOD-FRIDAY, EASTER-DAY, ASCENSION-DAY, and WHITSUNDAY.

At the beginning of Morning Prayer, the Minifter fhall read fome one or more of these fentences of the Scriptures that follow; and then he fhall fay that which is written after the faid fentences.


HEN the wicked man turneth away from his wickedness that he hath committed, and doeth that which is



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