Cupola Furnance: A Practical Treatise on the Construction and Management of Foundry Cupolas ...

Baird, 1899 - 361 sider

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Bottom tuyere patented in this country by B H Hibler Thomas D
Number of tuyeres Objection to the use of only one tuyere Two tuyeres
Ring attachment to the prop Superstition of older melters regarding
Slope of the bottom in cupolas with two tap holes Spout Spout lining
Sizes of tap hole Locating the holes
Cause of trouble in melting after a cupola has been newly lined Fuel
Melting When melting begins in a cupola Difference in opinion as
Tapping bars Shapes and sizes of tapping bars
The skill of the melter seen at the taphole Uneven melting is the fault
Relining and repairing Thickness of the lining Location of the great
Experiments to learn definitely at what point iron is really melted in
Fuel used in the experiment Reasons why iron is not melted in a cupola
Charges used in the experiments
Time for charging Difference of opinion among foundrymen as to
Constituents of the slag Effect of flux upon iron
Effect of silicon on iron Per cent of silicon an iron may contain
Irelands cupola described and illustrated
Woodwards steamjet cupola described and illustrated
Production of soft iron by putting a quantity of charcoal on the sand
Advantages of the application of a steam jet to create draft in
Process of melting Results of testheats at Elizabethport
Rapid melting of this cupola The Greiner patent economical cupola
Clains made for the Colliau furnace
Charge table for the Jumbo cupola
The art of melting iron in a cupola but little understood by many

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