History of the Northmen, Or Danes and Normans: From the Earliest Times to the Conquest of England by William of Normandy

Carey and Lea, 1831 - 367 sider

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Side 367 - A SELECTION OF ONE HUNDRED PERRIN'S FABLES, ACCOMPANIED BY A KEY, Containing the text, a literal and free translation, arranged in such a manner as to point out the difference between the French and English idiom, &c., in 1 vol., 12mo.
Side 354 - The melee was here dreadful, and a sudden panic seized the invaders, who fled from the field, exclaiming that their duke was slain. William rushed before the fugitives, with his helmet in hand, menacing and even striking them with his lance, and shouting with a loud voice : ' I am still alive, and with the help of God I still shall conquer...
Side 161 - HOW doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people ! How is she become as a widow ! she that was great among the nations, And princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!
Side 367 - A COLLECTION OF COLLOQUIAL PHRASES, ON EVERY TOPIC NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN CONVERSATION, Arranged under different heads, with numerous remarks on the peculiar pronunciation and...
Side 316 - Gargano to the nearest sea, who all received me honourably, and made me valuable presents ; but particularly the emperor, who gave me many gold and silver vases, with rich mantles and garments. I therefore took the opportunity to treat with the pope, the emperor, and the princes, on the grievances of my people, both English and Danes; that they might enjoy more equal law, and more secure safeguard in their way to Rome, nor be detained at so many barriers, nor harassed by unjust exactions. My demands...
Side 316 - And now, therefore, be it known to you all, that I have dedicated my life to God, to govern my kingdoms with justice, and to observe the right in all things. If in the time that is past, and in the violence and carelessness of youth, I have violated justice, it is my intention, by the help of God, to make full compensation.
Side 365 - As he leads us from one savage tribe to another, as he paints successive scenes of heroism, perseverance and self.denial, as he wanders among the magnificent scenes of nature, as he relates with scrupulous fidelity the errors, and the crimes, even of those whose lives are for the most part marked with traits to command admiration, and perhaps esteem...
Side 14 - It happened one day soon after their arrival, that Tyrker, the German, was missing, and as Leif set a great value upon the youth, on account of his skill in various arts, he sent his followers in search of him in every direction. When they at last found him, he began to speak to them in the Teutonic language, with many extravagant signs of joy. They at last made out to understand from him in the North tongue, that he had found in the vicinity vines bearing wild grapes.

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