Memoirs of the life of colonel Warle; with the public spirit of 1809 as dispalyed in the patriotic proceedings


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Side 86 - That no person who has an office or place of profit under the King, or received a pension from the Crown, shall be capable of serving as a Member of the House of Commons.
Side 114 - Ministers, in the election of Members of Parliament ; that, by the same great standard of our liberties, it is declared that the election of Members of Parliament ought to be free...
Side 85 - And in this manner, according to the present state of the representation, two hundred and ninetyfour of your honourable members are chosen, and, being a majority of the entire house of commons, are enabled to decide all questions in the name of the whole people of England and Scotland.
Side 87 - That so long as the People shall not be fairly represented, corruption will increase; our debts and taxes will accumulate ; our resources will be dissipated ; the native energy of the People will be depressed ; and the country deprived of its best defence against foreign foes. 12. That to remedy the great and glaring evils of which we complain, it is not necessary to have recourse...
Side 17 - Wednesday Morning, Feb. 1st, 1809." " Dear Sir, " I yesterday saw Mr. Wardle ; he " had a letter yesterday from your " friend Glass, begging him not to take " any business in hand, where his name " is mentioned : and he asks for you "also. He was Tutor to Wardle. "Now Mr. Wardle assures me, by " every thing honourable, that if you " speak candidly. and fairly to the fact

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