(2) Testify as an expert or opinion witness with regard to any matter arising out of the employee's official duties or the functions of DNFSB unless testimony is being given on behalf of the United States (see also 5 CFR 2635.805 for current employees).

1707.210 Procedure in the event of an

adverse ruling. If the court or other competent authority fails to stay the demand, the employee upon whom the demand is made, unless otherwise advised by the General Counsel, will appear at the stated time and place, produce a copy of this part, state that the employee has been advised by counsel not to provide the requested testimony or produce documents, and respectfully decline to comply with the demand, citing United States er rel. Touhy v. Ragen, 340 U.S. 462 (1951). A written response may be offered to a request, or to a demand, if permitted by the court or other competent authority.

Subpart C-Schedule of Fees

$ 1707.208 Restrictions that apply to

released records. (a) The General Counsel may impose conditions or restrictions on the release of official records and information, including the requirement that parties to the proceeding obtain a protective order or execute a confidentiality agreement to limit access and any further disclosure. The terms of the protective order or of a confidentiality agreement must be acceptable to the General Counsel. In cases where protective orders or confidentiality agreements have already been executed, DNFSB may condition the release of official records and information on an amendment to the existing protective order confidentiality agreement.

(b) If the General Counsel so determines, original DNFSB records may be presented for examination in response to a demand or request, but they are not to be presented as evidence or otherwise used in a manner by which they could lose their identity as official DNFSB records, nor are they to be marked or altered. In lieu of the original records, certified copies will be presented for evidentiary purposes (see 28 U.S.C. 1733).


$ 1707.301 Fees.

(a) Generally. The General Counsel may condition the production of records or appearance for testimony upon advance payment of a reasonable estimate of the costs to DNFSB.

(b) Fees for records. Fees for producing records will include fees for searching, reviewing, and duplicating records, costs of attorney time spent in reviewing the demand or request, and expenses generated by materials and equipment used to search for, produce, and copy the responsive information. Costs for employee time will be calculated on the basis of the hourly pay of the employee (including all pay, allowance, and benefits). Fees for duplication will be the same as those charged by DNFSB in its Freedom of Information Act fee regulations at 10 CFR part 1703.

(c) Witness fees. Fees for attendance by a witness will include fees, expenses, and allowances prescribed by the court's rules. If no such fees are prescribed, witness fees will be determined based upon the rule of the Federal district court closest to the location where the witness will appear. Such fees will include cost of time spent by the witness to prepare for testimony, in travel, and for attendance in the legal proceeding.

$ 1707.209 Procedure when a decision

is not made prior to the time a re

sponse is required. If a response to a demand or request is required before the General Counsel can make the determination referred to in $1707.201, the General Counsel, when necessary, will provide the court or other competent authority with a copy of this part, inform the court or other competent authority that the demand or request is being reviewed, and seek a stay of the demand or request pending a final determination.

sonable cause, waive or reduce any fees in connection with the testimony, production, or certification of records.

(g) De minimis fees. Fees will not be assessed if the total charge would be $10.00 or less.

Subpart D-Penalties

(d) Payment of fees. You must pay witness fees for current DNFSB employees and any records certification fees by submitting to the General Counsel a check or money order for the appropriate amount made payable to the Treasury of the United States. In the case of testimony by former DNFSB employees, you must pay applicable fees directly to the former employee in accordance with 28 U.S.C. 1821 or other applicable statutes.

(e) Certification (authentication) of copies of records. The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board may certify that records are true copies in order to facilitate their use as evidence. If you seek certification, you must request certified copies from DNFSB at least 45 days before the date they will be needed. The request should be sent to the General Counsel. You will be charged a certification fee of $15.00 for each document certified.

(f) Waiver or reduction of fees. The General Counsel, in his or her sole discretion, may, upon a showing of rea

$ 1707.401 Penalties.

(a) An employee who discloses official records or information or gives testimony relating to official information, except as expressly authorized by DNFSB or as ordered by a Federal court after DNFSB has had the opportunity to be heard, may face the penalties provided in 18 U.S.C. 641 and other applicable laws. Additionally, former DNFSB employees are subject to the restrictions and penalties of 18 U.S.C. 207 and 216.

(b) A current DNFSB employee who testifies or produces official records and information in violation of this part shall be subject to disciplinary action.




Part 1800

Declaration of Party State Eligibility for North

east Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste


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