The Congress, 1896

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Pagina 95 - Twenty or thirty years ago we were in profound ignorance as to the condition of all the deeper parts of the great ocean basins ; now we have a very accurate knowledge of the conditions'which obtain over the three-fourths of the earth's surface covered by the waters of the ocean.
Pagina 290 - ... sauropsides, d'une abondante provision de matériaux nutritifs. Ces changements dans la composition et le volume de l'œuf ont dû exercer une influence considérable sur le développement et il est peu rationnel de rechercher dans le développement des mammifères actuels le prototype des annexes fœtales. Dans notre opinion, la cause déterminante de la formation de l'enveloppe amniotique réside dans la descente de l'embryon, déterminée elle même par le poids du corps. C'est par une accélération...
Pagina 104 - Prolopterus, probably represent older faunas than anything to be found in the deep sea. Sir Wyville Thomson was of opinion that, from the Silurian period to the present day, there had been as now a continuous deep ocean with a bottom temperature oscillating about the freezing-point of fresh water, and that there had always been an abyssal fauna.
Pagina 105 - We are now acquainted with about 1 50 identical species of Metazoa, and nearly 100 closely allied species, occurring in the extra-tropical regions of the northern and southern hemispheres, and wholly unknown from the intervening tropical zone. Again , a list has recently been published giving 54 species of marine Algae common to the northern and southern oceans, and not occurring within the intervening tropical belt...
Pagina 201 - ... regard to mammals. This subject of the origin of the Dinosaurs and the relation of their divisions to each other will be more fully treated by me elsewhere. A classification of any series of extinct animals is of necessity, as I have previously said, merely a temporary convenience, like the book shelves in a library, for the arrangement of present knowledge. In view of this fact and of the very limited information we now have in regard to so many Dinosaurs known only from fragmentary remains...
Pagina 199 - IO), have these bones separate. The exception in each case brings the two classes near together at this point, and their close affinity is thus rendered more probable.
Pagina 201 - Pelvic bones separate from each other, and from sacrum ; ilium prolonged in front of acetabulum ; acetabulum formed in part by pubis ; ischia meet distally on median line. Fore and hind limbs present, the latter ambulatory and larger than those in front ; head of femur at right angles to condyles ; tibia with procnemial crest ; fibula complete. First row of tarsals composed of astragalus and calcaneum only, which together form the upper portion of ankle joint.
Pagina 45 - Wenn wir durch die Thatsachen von allen Seiten zu der Annahme gedrängt werden, dass die nützlichen Variationen, welche die Selektion erst ermöglichen, immer da sind, dann muss ein tieferer Zusammenhang zwischen der Nützlichkeit einer Variation und ihrem wirklichen Auftreten bestehen, oder mit ändern Worten: die Variatio.nsrichtung eines Teils muss durch die Nützlichkeit bestimmt werden.
Pagina 205 - Vertebrae bi-concave. Neural canal in sacrum expanded into large chamber ; ischia directed backward, with sides meeting on median line. Astragalus co-ossified with tibia ; metapodials very short. Genera : Stegosaurus (Hypsirhophus), Diracodon ; and in Europe, Omosaurus (Owen).
Pagina 92 - Fifth, the actual date of mailing will often be impossible to ascertain with certainty owing to lack of record, or irregularity in the period of transmission, and WHEREAS: The determination of the date of printing will be generally found in the records of the printing office and can be established by the testimony of several disinterested...

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