“HOW FAR IS IT to Canaan ?" asks the persecuted christian, "for I am an outcast from my family, a stranger upon earth; like my Lord, I am despised and rejected of men.' Many are they that rise up against me, and they hate me with a cruel hatred.”Hold on thy way, persecuted christian : it is a safe one, and a blessed one, yea, the one thy Redeemer trod before thee. Dost thou want a word of consolation ? I will give it; lay it upon thy bosom :-"Blessed are ye when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy ; for behold, your reward is great in heaven.”

“How FAR IS IT TO CANAAN ?" sighs the bereaved christian, "for I am a lonely and desolate pilgrim. All that were dear to me on earth are taken away. My tears have been my meat day and night, and my soul yearns for the land where there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying." Pass on bereaved christian : the more lonely thy pilgrimage, the sweeter thy reception at the end. The Lord, whom thou seekest, hath a special care and pity for his desolate ones. Take these words with thee, and they may refresh thy spirit; even though thou be desolate :" The redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads, they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away."

“How FAR IS IT TO Canaan? asks the dying christian, "for the swellings of Jordan are risen about my soul. Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. Alas! I sink in deep waters, I shall not see the land that flows with milk and honey."-Look up, poor dying christian : see! yonder is the bright and morning Star; thy night is far spent, and the day is at hand. Is thine arm too feeble to be put forth for the book of God? then I must even hold it up before thine eyes. Look on these words, and let neither flood nor flame affright thee; be of good courage, for they are the words of Him who has promised, when flesh and heart fail, to be the strength of thy heart and thy portion for ever :-“When thou passest through the waters I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour."

0! could we make our doubts remove,

Those gloomy doubts that rise,
And see the Canaan that we love,

With unbeclouded eyes!
Could we but climb where Moses stood,

And view the landscape o'er,
Nor Jordan's streams, nor death's cold flood,
Could fright us from the shore.




Whilst in this wilderness we roam,
How good it is to have a home
Where our dear friends together meet,
And there surround the mercy seat.

'Tis better far to be at rest,
Shut in with Christ for ever blest.

'Tis good to meet with saints below,
To let our conversation flow
On what our God for us has done,
By mercies purchas'd by his Son.

'Tis better far to be at rest,
Shut in with Christ for ever blest.

'Tis good to live with Christ on earth;
'Tis good to know the second birth ;
'Tis good to view fair Canaan's land-
Around the throne by faith to stand.

'Tis better far to be at rest,
Shut in with Christ for ever blest.

That hour was good when first we knew,
What Christ has power on earth to do;
'Tis good to know our sins forgiven,
And catch a glimpse on earth of heaven.

'Tis better far to be at rest,
Shut in with Christ for ever blest.

'Twas good to sink beneath the wave,
And rise with Christ from out the grave;
'Tis good around his board to meet,
And hold with him communion sweet.

'Tis better far to be at rest,
Shut in with Christ for ever blest.

'Tis good to feel afflictions rod,
And know 'tis from our Father God;
'Tis good when holy pleasures swell
The heart with joy, and all is well.

'Tis better far to be at rest,
Shut in with Christ for ever blest.


'Tis good to stand with heaven in view,
Waiting to bid dear friends adieu ;
Waiting with joy the expected sign,
To call us to a brighter clime.

'Tis better far to be at rest,
Shut in with Christ for ever blest.

Now in a straight betwist the two,
Willing to stay-hoping to go ;
But oh! we long to taste the bliss
Of pleasure, where perfection is.

Lord, we desire thy promis'd rest,
In heaven to be for ever blest.

A. M. E.

Anecdotes, Selections, and Gems.

TEMPTATIONS.—“But every man when powerful temptations are preis tempted, when he is drawn away sented to us. There is no such of his own lust, and enticed.” James way, then, to disarm temptations, i. 14.—The apostle, does not ascribe and take away the power of them, temptation to the devil; who may, as by mortifying our lusts and and does present the object, and by subduing our vicious inclinations. his instruments may and does so. -Burkitt. licit for our compliance: his temp. PREPARATION FOR DEATH AND tations have a moving and exciting GLORY.–When you lie down at power, but can have no prevailing night, compose your spirit as if you efficacy but from our own voluntary were not to wake till the heavens be consent; it is our own lusi closing no more ; and when you awake in with his temptations which produces the morning, consider that new day the sin; for God commanding us as your last, and live accordingly. to resist the devil, supposes that Surely that night cometh, of which his temptations are not irresistible. you will never see the morning, or Hence learn, that man's worst that morning of which you will enemy, and most dangerous tempter never see the night; but which of is the corruption of his own heart your mornings or nights will be and nature, because it is the inmost such, you know not. Let the enemy, and because it is an enemy mantle of wordly enjoyments hang that is least expected. A man's lust loose about you, that it may be is himself, and nature teaches not easily dropped when death comes to to mistrust ourselves. What reason carry you into another world. When have we, then, perpetually to pray the corn is forsaking the ground, it that God would not lead us into is ready for the sickle—when the temptation, and that he would, by fruit is ripe, it falls off the tree his good Providence, keep us out of easily. So when a christian heart the way of temptation, because we is truly weaned from the world, he carry about us such lusts and temp. is prepared for death, and it will be tat ons as will betray us to sin I more easy for him. A heart disen


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gaged from this world is a heavenly I Carry them back, carry them back,' one; and then we are ready for replied the justice, and let them heaven, when our heart is there be convert all the scolds in the town."" fore us.- Boston.

Gin.—What crimes, what follies, ORIGIN OF THE BRITISH AND have been perpetrated for gin! A FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY.—A minis river of alcohol runs through the ter in Wales, grieving over the land, sweeping away health, honour, spiritual destitution of that land, and happiness, with its remorseless was desirous to procure a supply of tide. The creaking gibbet, and the bibles in the Welsh language for prison ward—the hulks, and the far that country.

He did procure a off penal isle-the debtor's gaol, small supply from the Society for and the silent penitentiary—the Promoting Christian Knowledge. tomb-like workhouse, and the loath. That supply was exhausted in a some hospital-the galling chain, very few months. He applied to and the spirit-breaking tread-wlieel tbem for a second. He was met —the frightful mad cell, and the with a refusal: they could not fur public dissecting room-the deathnish him with one. He then sug. bed of despair, and the grave of gested to a few friends the necessity the suicide, are indebted for many, of forming a society for furnishing many victims to thee, most potent bibles to Wales; but one friend, gin!-O gin! thou art the JuggerMr. Hughes, baptist minister, Bat. naut beneath whose wheels millions tersea, asked why they should limit throw themselves in blind adoration. their supply to Wales. Why not Yes, great is thy power, 0 gin-& extend it to the whole kingdom; yea, terrible instrument of evil art thou. why not throughout all the world ? | Thou sweepest over the world with And this, in the wonderful pro- the wings of the pestilence; thy vidence of God, was the origin of the breath is that of the plague. And British and Foreign Bible Society. where disease and death prevail in

THE SCOLD CONVERTED. --The all their most hideous shapes and late Mr. John Wesley relates the where misery is most keenly felt, following circumstance in bis journal and poverty is most pinching--and of 1741-" Wednesday the 9th, I where the wails of hapless children rode over to a neighbouring towu to ascend to heaven in vain appeal wait on a justice of the peace, a man against the cruelty of inhuman of candour and understanding, be- parents--and where crime is most fore whom I was informed their diabolical, there are thy triumphs angry neighbours had carried a -there are thy victories, whole waggon load of these new heretics, the methodists. But when

Facts and Hints. he asked what they had done, there THE OUTSIDE APPEARANCE. was a deep silence ; for that was a Never despise a man because he is point their conductor had forgot! dressed in plain clothes. Many At length one said, 'Why they pre- who dress in plain clothes have a tend to be better than other people; humble, wise, and virtuous mind; and besides, they pray from morn. as a coarse bag may hold rich gold. ing till night. Mr. S. asked, 'But THE PARISH CLERK of Wink, have they done nothing besides ?' leigh has one guinea a-year for • Yes, sir,' said an old man, 'an't winding up the parish clock every please your worship, they've con- day; to earn which he travels 102 varted my wife. Till sbe went miles, ascends and descends 29,003 among them she bad such a tongue! steps, and hauls ap 18 tons weight but now she is as quiet as a lamb!' | 26,000 yards.

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THE FIRESIDE, OR POOR MAN'S FRIEND. THE TURKISH SULTAN is said to rich; it is a bank that never fails; be a rigid teetotaller; he will not it yields a perpetual dividend of take a little wine, though his phy. happiness. sicians say it would benefit his

THE ELECTRIC CURRENT, it is health. WISDOM.-- Not by books alone railway telegraph at the speed of

said, travels along the wires of a can we become wise, nor by tra- 258,000 miles in a second of time. velling, nor by conversation, nor by Amazing! Scarcely comprehensible. the whole world, if we do not think for ourselves.

CHOWBENT, with 5,000 inhabi. A Rich Bank.-A mind full of tants, has not a single lawyer repiety and knowledge is always siding in the town.

The Fireside, or Poor Man's Friend.


great is the importance of keeping Who can estimate the blessing of it in health and viguur. By means health ? and yet how is it trified of it the greater part of the superwith, neglected, or recklessly de. fluous matter, or waste of the body, stroyed! As a gift of God to be is carried off from the blood-vessels employed for his glory, it is a clear in insensible perspiration : this is duty to use all proper means to pre- an observation of great consequence, serve it. The human body may be which, in health, is constantly going well compared to a watch, in which, on, and when it is checked by the if a single wheel be injured, the unhealthy state of the pores, the whole mechanism is disordered, and circulation becomes oppressed, and the watch goes wrong; thus all the fever, headaches, and general lanparts of the body are so intimately gour are occasioned. Much evil connected by systems of nerves and arises from a too relaxed state of the vessels, that if one become hindered skin; the secretions becoming unin its work, the others suffer, and healthy, and the skin itself more sus. the whole machine is deranged. ceptible of the changes in weather Some organs sympathise with each and temperature, then colds, coughs, other more than others; thus the and inflammation of the internal head and stomach almost always organs come on.

Hence it is plain suffer together, and between the that attention to the state of the skin stomach and the skin the connection is of great importance, and this may is very closé, not merely from a be sufficiently given by following a general law of sympathy, but be- few simple recommendations. cause the skin is continuous with On rising from bed, let the body the membrane which lines the whole be sponged with cold water, and alimentary canal: so that when the rubbed dry quickly; and then let a skin is diseased the general health flesh-brush be used smartly for a suffers, and, the stomach principally few minutes. The good effect of sympathising, sickness, indigestion, this will be immediately felt in the and many attendant maladies are genial warmth, the activity and bronght on.

vigour of body, and the freshness The duty which the skin has to and exhilaration of spirits, which perform, and its intimate relation succeed. No one need be afraid of with the interior organs, show how this practice, for the friction in

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