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The scene around me disappears,

And borne to ancient regions,
While time recalls the flight of years,

I see angelic legions
Descending on a flood of light:
Amid the dark and silent night,

I hear celestial voices.
“Tidings, glad tidings, from above,
To every age and nation!
Tidings, glad tidings! God is love;

To man he sends salvation !
His Son belov'd, his only Son,
The work of mercy hath begun;

Give to his name the glory!
Through David's city I am led;

Here all around are sleeping-
A star directs to yonder shed,

Where lonely watch is keeping ;
I enter: ah! what glories shine!
Is this Immanuel's earthly shrine ?

Messiah's infant temple ?
It is! it is!-and I adore

This stranger meek and lowly,
As saints and seraphs bow before

The throne of God thrice holy ;
For through this veil of flesh I see
The face of thy divinity,
My Lord, my God! my Saviour !

Hallelujah, praise ye the Lord. Amen.

Composed by a poor pious man who died in peace, aged 77.

Jesus while reigning in glory on high,
On my helpless case, cast a pitiful eye;
S aw me in my ruin, yet marvel to tell!
E xpired in death to redeem me from hell;
Procured my pardon by shedding his blood,
How great was his love, thus to bring me to God.
When angels first heard of the wonderful plan,
A rranged by JBHOVAH to save fallen man;
T hey must be astonish'd to hear and to see,
S alvation provided for rebels like me.
Oh! may I with pleasure eternally trace,

N ew glories in Jesus, -His person and grace.
Saffron Walden.




Prepared solely by John Kaye, Esq., of Dalton Hall, near Huddersfield

'HE fame of these Pills is now so fully established, that the Pro

They are in use among all classes of persons, from the nobility to the humble mechanic, and testimonies are daily received of the most astonishing cures effected in cases where medical skill had been exerted in vain. They are warranted free from mercurial, mineral, and every other poisonous substance, and are compounded upon principles consistent aljke with true science and sound philosophy. They go at once to the root of disease, thoroughly purifying that vital principle the blood, and causing it to circulate through the whole system, so as to produce health, vigour, and cheerfulness.

The following brief extracts are made from a voluminous correspon. dence, containing well authenticated testimonies from persons who were deeply afflicted, but who now rejoice in perfect health through their use of these Pills.

SIR,-Numerous and truly surprising are the cases of cures that come under my notice, effected by the use of your Restorative Pills.

JOAN HALL, Rodney Row, Barnsley, was afflicted at intervals for thirteen years with a severe complaint, which caused the most excruciating pains in his body, so that he actually rolled about the floor in dreadful agonies. He was recommended to try your Pills; a few doses removed his complaint ; and he has ever since-a space of eight months-enjoyed perfect health.

Another GENTLB Man in this town was labouring under a complication of disorders, with pain at the heart, and shortness of breath; but by the use of your pills he has been entirely freed from his complaint. Another gentleman was seized with severe pains in the back and head, and shaking of the limbs. He took one strong dose of the Pills, and was relieved in three hours, The names of the above, and the particulars of numerous other cases, I shall be happy to state to those who may apply.-Yours respectfully, Cheapside, Barnsley, July, 1846.

ELIZABBTH MOHUN. SIR, - 1 have been a great sufferer from a stomach complaint. I could not take the least portion of animal food without feeling great pain and dreadful sickness. I was recommended to try your Pills, and have been quite cured by persevering in the use of them.

Chapel Row, Shildon, near Bishop Auckland Jan. 26, 1846. THOMAS CHALDER.

WILLIAM SOUTHWELL, of Upton, near Wansford, was amicted for ten months with excruciating pains in his arms. He was under medical treatment for several months to no purpose. He was then recommended to the Dispensary, but obtained no relief, the doctors observing that in all their practice they never saw such a case. He was then recommended to take Kaye's Worsdell s Pills, and by persevering in their use regularly for some time he has been thoroughly cured, and is anxious that his case should be published for the encouragement of others.

John Bell, Wickersley, near Sheffield, was attacked with severe inflammation of the lungs, accompanied with great weakness and nervous debility. He was attended by an eminent surgeon for six weeks, sometimes twice a day, without receiving any benefit, and at length the doctor told him to try how he got on without medicine. He was, however, encouraged to make a trial of Kaye's Worsdell's Pills, from hearing of the great cures effected by them, and before he had finished the fourth box, he was restored to health. He determines to keep some of the Pills always by him, declaring that he would not be without them on any account.

Mr. James JOLIAN, Fairmantle Street, Truro, was afflicted with a bad leg for upwards of fifty years, during which period he i esorted to every remedy that held out the least hope of succeess, whether suggested by members of the faculty, or by persons of expe rience. Very partial and temporary good resulted; but through the free and continued use of the Vegetable Restorative Pills, he is enabled to testify, that they have effected & perfect cure of a series of wounds of upwards of fifty years standing.

WILLIAM ROBSON, Mookwearmouth, near Sunderland, was so afflicted with lumbago, as to be confined to his bed for six weeks, during which period he was unable to raise himself, except by means of a rope attached to the top of the bed. He took four doses of the Vegetable Restorative Pills, after which he was able to get up without assistance ; and by the time he had taken a box, he was completely recovered. He expresses his gratitude for so valuable a medicine, and wishes his case to be made public for the benefit of his fellow-creatures.

(Continued on next page.)

John Kaya

Mrs. Dodd, 32, Seel-street, Liverpool, was so dreadfully swollen with Dropsy, that her legs were almost as large as ber body, and her face so swelled that her eyes could scarcely be seen She had also a violent cough, attended with spitting of blood. The faculty pronounced her incurable; but Kaye's Worsdell's Pills being recommended, she took them, and, in an almost incredible short space of time, was completely cured.

David KILNEY, of Pontefract, suffered for a great length of time from Erysipelas. After taking two or three boxes of the Vegetable Restorative Pills, he was completely eured, and has had no symptoms of return.

Eliza DICKINSON, of Lockington, was dreadfully afflicted for four years with Tic Doloreux. Many medical gentlemen were applied to without effect. After taking two boxes of Kaye's Worsdell's Pills, she began to obtain relief, and by perseverance in the use of them was completely cured.

NICHOLAS TAYLOR, Lichdon-street, Barnstaple, was for many years afficted with rheumatism, attended with excruciating pains on the nerves and muscles, and could scarcely ever dress himself without assistance. After taking one box of Kaye's Worsdell's Pills he was freed from pain, and by occasionally using them he has continued so ever since.

To prerent fraud, the Honourable the Commissioners of Stamps have ordered the words “ WORSDELL'S Pills, by John Kaye,” to be engraved on the Government Stamp; and, as a further protection, Mr. Kaye's arms,

and a fac-simile of his signature, are printed on the Directions wrapped round each box, and to imitate which is felony.

Sold in Boxes, Is. ltd., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each, at the Depot, 22, Abchurch-lane, King William-street; Messrs. Sutton, 10, Bow Churchyard; Barclay's, 95, Farringdon street; Edwards, 67, St. Paul's Church. yard; Dietrichsen and Co., 63, Oxford-street; Willoughby, 95, Bishopsgate-street Without; Johnston, 63, Cornhill, London; and by at least one agent in every town throughout the United Kingdom.


The Reporter contains a considerable amount of information respecting the proceedings of the baptists both at home and abroad. Every person, whether baptist or pædobaptist, who feels any interest in the movements of this denomination, will find in this periodical, a greater amount of information than can be found in any other similar publication.

PRICE, MONTHLY, THREEPENCE. Bound Volumes for 1847, and past years, may be had of the Publishers.

THE CHILDREN'S MAGAZINE, Thirty-six pages, One Penny, with numerous beautiful Engravings.

N.B. Be careful to order Winks's Children's Magazine.
Bound Volumes for 1847, and past years, may be had of the Publishers

Eighteen Numbers, bound in One Volume,

London: Published by Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Leicester : Printed and Sold by J. F. Winks.

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Edited by Joseph Fonlkrs Winks.

VOLUME VI.—1852.



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