Banotoft Public Libkary.


I.-The Library, until otherwise directed, shall be open (public holidays excepted), on such days and hours as shall be named in a notice posted in the Post-Office and the Library.

II.-The reading room will be free to all persons. Anyone behaving improperly may be excluded by the Librarian.

III.-Any resident of the village over fourteen years of age may draw books from the Library by paying $1.00 in advance annually. Any non-resident, $1.50. Payments must be made to the Treasurer and cards issued by him. The Librarian must impose all fines or penalties for injuries and collect the same, and pay the amounts to the Treasurer, keeping full accounts of receipts and payments.

IV.--Works of reference, illustrated books and such other publications as the Committee withhold from circulation are to be used only in the Library.

V:-The Librarian may withhold any work in the Library, subject to the approval of the Committee ou Library.

VI.-A fine of 2 cents a day shall be charged for books retained longer than the time specified on book.

VII.-Strangers may draw books by paying 5 cents for use of book, and depositing with the Librarian, (who will give a receipt for the same), such sum as will cover the cost of the book, if lost or damaged. If the loss destroys a set, the value of the set is to be paid.

VIII.-Apy book lost or damaged must be paid for in full, according to the price named by the Committee.

IX.-The card must always be presented when asking for a book, and on reviewing or returning a book. The proper holder is in all cases responsible for books drawn with this card. If lost, fifteen days (required to stop its use in other hands) must elapse after notice being given of its loss before it can be replaced.

X.-A book may be renewed but once. Prompt notice of change of residence must be given at the Library, and the card must be surrendered when the holder ceases to be a resident.


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