Includes "Statistical tables compiled from the annual returns of the railroad companies of the state."

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Side 225 - pany shall request any stockholder to execute a power of attorney to vote upon his stock; and no person shall be allowed to vote by virtue of a power so obtained; and any person who shall violate the provisions of this section shall be disqualified from holding any office in said
Side 230 - or any public highway, the railroad company may construct said railroad across or upon the same if the Railroad Commissioners shall judge it necessary ; but said company shall restore said water course or highway, thus intersected, to its former state, or in a sufficient manner not to impair
Side 221 - exceed the amount of cash actually paid in upon its capital stock. SEC. 3. The capital stock of said company shall be Capital stock, divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, and each subscriber to such articles of association shall subscribe thereto his name, residence, and the number of shares
Side 221 - has been in good faith subscribed, and ten per cent. in cash paid thereon as aforesaid, and that it is intended in good faith to construct the road named in such articles ; and a copy of any articles of association filed and recorded as aforesaid, or of the record thereof, certified by the Secretary of this State, shall be
Side 257 - communicated shall be prima facie evidence of negligence on the part of the person or corporation who shall, at the time of such injury by fire, be in the use and occupation of such railroad, either as owner, lessee, or mortgagee, and of those who shall at such time have the care and management of such engine.
Side 229 - therefor, persons in their employ; and such company shall be Liable to the laborers employed, for labor actually performed on the road, if they within twenty days after the completion of such labor shall in writing notify its treasurer that they have not been paid by the contractors. SEC.
Side 250 - turn all the items in detail, as required, they shall, in their report, give the reasons why they cannot be given; but no company shall be excused for not giving such details because it does not keep its accounts in such manner as will enable it to do so; and when any such returns
Side 259 - Steamboat Police," as the case may be, and the name of the company for which he is commissioned. SEC. 4. Every railroad or steamboat policeman may Their power to arrest in his precincts, for all offenses committed therein, arrest . and bring the offenders before proper authority. Title XX, Chap. 13, Part 2. SEC. 3. All persons, arrested by railroad or
Side 239 - from the railroad track (except when placed in a building prepared for it), to remain within fifty feet of any road or highway crossing said track; shall, from the first day of May until the first day of November, annually,
Side 258 - up, or remove any part of a railroad, shall be imprisoned in the State prison not more than ten years; and if he shall do the same with intent to throw any locomotive or car from the track of such railroad, or to obstruct any car in motion, he shall be imprisoned in such prison not more than thirty years.

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