Brought forward

Aug. 18. By cash paid Howe Addressing Co., Philadelphia, Pa., for cash advanced for postage and for services for Membership Committee

19. By cash paid Lithograph & Envelope
Co., Albany, N. Y., for 500 two
cent stamped envelopes and print-
ing card on same

19. By cash paid Ambrose Fowler, New
York, photographer, for photo-
graphs of Lord Haldane, M.
Labori, etc., for use of Committee
on Publicity

19. By cash paid Joseph P. Hogan,
Albany, N. Y., sign painter, for
placards for use of dinner com-

20. By cash paid Thomas W. Shelton,
Norfolk, Va., to refund his dis-
bursements on behalf of the Com-
mittee on Uniform Judicial Pro-

25. By cash paid Frederick E. Wadhams,
Albany, N. Y., to refund his dis-
bursements in going to Montreal,
August 14-17, to make final ar-
rangements for annual meeting...

By cash paid United States Express
Co., Baltimore, Md., for ship-
ments made by Secretary during
the year 1912-1913 exclusive of
shipment of annual report......

$27,615.12 $39,997.54

Carried forward








$28,392.62 $39,997.54

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MONTREAL, September 2, 1913.

We have examined the foregoing report, and checked it with the book accounts and vouchers, and find the report to be correct.

Auditing Committee.




MONTREAL, CANADA, September 1, 1913.

The Executive Committee respectfully reports that under the last clause of Art. IV of the Constitution, providing for the election of members by the Executive Committee between meetings when nominated by a majority of the Vice-President and Local Council, over 2000 new members were elected.

The committee further reports that in accordance with By-Law XII, appropriations were made for the use of the committees of 1912-1913 not exceeding the following amounts:

$900 to Comparative Law Bureau.

$150 to Comparative Law Bureau (special).

$1000 to Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

$1000 to Section of Legal Education.

$200 to Committee on Commercial Law.

$750 to Committee to Suggest Remedies and Formulate Proposed Laws to Prevent Delay and Unnecessary Cost of Litigation.

$500 to Committee on Compensation for Industrial Accidents.

$250 to Committee on Legal Education and Admissions to

$250 to Committee on Insurance Law.
$250 to Committee on Publicity.

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$600 to Committee to Oppose Judicial Recall.
$300 to Committee on Legislative Drafting.

$3476.95 to Committee on Membership (the amount to be payable monthly upon statements to be submitted by the Chairman of the Committee to the Treasurer).

$450 to Committee on Uniform Judicial Procedure.

The special appropriation of the Comparative Law Bureau was made to cover the cost of translating the Civil Code of the Argentine Republic. In connection with the appropriation of $750 to the Section of Legal Education, it was ordered that the unex

pended balance of last year's appropriation be re-appropriated for the use of that section, and that the unexpended balance of last year's appropriation for the Committee to Oppose Recall of Judges be re-appropriated for the use of that committee.

The Treasurer was authorized to pay certain bills incurred by the late Arthur Steuart in connection with the Patent Committee.

The sum of $400 was appropriated for extra services rendered by Mr. Clark, Miss Davidson, Miss McCourt and Mr. Pohlmann, the clerical force employed by the Secretary, and a similar appropriation of $100 for Mr. Caplan, an employe of the Treasurer.

The Treasurer was directed to pay the expenses incurred by Mr. Carl F. Geilfuss in arranging hotel accommodations for the members in Milwaukee, and also the expenses of Charles J. O'Connor, Chairman of the special Committee on Increase of Membership, incurred by him in connection with the work of that committee. Mr. O'Connor's expenses amounted to $1,759.85.

The Treasurer was authorized to pay the expenses incurred by the delegate who represented the Association at the meeting of the American Roads Congress at Atlantic City, N. J., September 30 to October 5, 1912.

The resolution offered at the Milwaukee meeting that an office of the Association be maintained in the City of Chicago was considered, and the matter was laid on the table.

The amount to be charged for the 1913 and subsequent Annual Reports of the Association was fixed at $2 for cloth bound copies, and $1.50 for paper bound copies.

In pursuance of a resolution passed at the January meeting of the Executive Committee the chief judge of the court of last resort in each state, the presiding judge of each Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the chief justice of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia, and the chief judge of the Court of Commerce were invited to attend the meeting of the Association at Montreal and be its guests at the annual banquet; and if in any instance the chief judge could not attend personally, that he delegate some member of his court to represent it. The Committee on Uniform Judicial Procedure was authorized also to invite

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