these same guests to attend a meeting of that committee at the place of the annual meeting.

The date of the meeting as originally arranged (September 2 to 4) was changed to September 1 to 3 in order to allow the Lord High Chancellor, Richard Burdon Haldane, of Great Britain, to deliver the annual address on September 1.

The Executive Committee recommends to the Association the following amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, viz.: Amend Article III (first paragraph, relating to Executive Committee) of the Constitution as follows:

Substitute the word "seven " for the word "five," so that same will read:

"together with seven other members, to be chosen by the Association, but no member shall be eligible to such choice more than three years in succession."

Amend Article III (fourth paragraph, relating to Local Council) of the Constitution so as to read as follows:

"The Vice-President for each state, and not less than two nor more than four other members from such state, to be annually elected, shall constitute a Local Council for such state, to which shall be referred all applications for membership from such state. The Vice-President shall be, ex-officio, Chairman of such Council."

Amend Article III of the Constitution (fifth paragraph, relating to obituary notices) to read as follows:

"A committee of three, of whom the Secretary shall always be one, shall be appointed by the President at each annual meeting of the Association, whose duty it shall be to report to the next meeting the names of all members who shall, in the interval, have died."

Amend Article III of the Constitution so that the last sentence of the first paragraph thereof shall read:

"There shall be one or more Assistant Secretaries who shall be elected by the Executive Committee and shall hold office at the pleasure of that committee."

Amend Article IV of the Constitution by adding a new paragraph at the end thereof, reading as follows:

"Persons of distinction not members of the Bar of any state of the United States may, without formal nomination or certifica

tion, be elected by the Executive Committee to be honorary members of the Association. Honorary members shall be entitled to the privileges of the floor during meetings, but shall not be entitled to vote, and they shall pay no dues."

Amend Article VIII of the Constitution so that it shall read as follows:

"The President shall open each annual meeting of the Association with an address upon such topic as he may select with the approval of the Executive Committee."

Amend the first paragraph of By-Law VI, as follows:

Insert after the words "Executive Committee " the words "or the President of the Association."

The Executive Committee also recommends the adoption of proposed amendments contained in the resolution of Charles A. Boston, offered at the 1912 meeting, viz.:

Resolved, That Article III of the Constitution be amended so as to insert among the committees therein enumerated, and after the words " on Taxation," the words " on Professional Ethics."

Resolved, That Article II, subdivision (F) of the By-Laws, be amended so as to insert among the list of standing committees to report, after the words " on Uniform State Laws," the words " on Professional Ethics."

Resolved, That the By-Laws be amended by adding at the end of Article VIII the following:

"The Committee on Professional Ethics shall communicate to the Association such information as it may collect respecting the activity of state and local Bar Associations in respect to the ethics of the legal profession, and it may from time to time make recommendations on the subject to the Association."

Respectfully submitted,

FRANK B. KELLOGG, President,
GEO. WHITELOCK, Secretary,





Executive Committee.




Frank B. Kellogg, St. Paul, Minn.

SECRETARY. George Whitelock, Baltimore, Md.


Frederick E. Wadhams, Albany, N. Y.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY. W. Thomas Kemp, Baltimore. Md.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Stephen S. Gregory, Chicago, Ill. Hollis R. Bailey, Boston, Mass. Aldis B. Browne, Washington, D. C. William H. Burges, El Paso, Tex. John H. Voorhees, Sioux Falls, S. D. William H. Staake, Philadelphia, Pa.

CANADA. Armstrong, Louis, Grand Mere, P. Q.



Baldwin, Simeon E., New Haven, Conn.
Storey, Moorfield, Boston, Mass.
Choate, Joseph H., New York, N. Y.
Rawle, Francis, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tucker, Henry St. George, Lexington, Va.
Parker, Alton B., New York, N. Y.
Dickinson, J. M., Nashville, Tenn.
Lehmann, Frederick W., St. Louis, Mo.
Farrar, Edgar H., New Orleans, La.
Gregory, Stephen S., Chicago, Ill.

CHINA. Hinckley, Frank E., Shanghai.


de Pachmann, Adrien, Paris. Fernald, Charles Barker, Paris.



Cooper, Lawrence, Huntsville.
Harrison, Geo. P., Opelika.
Johnston, Forney, Birmingham.
Ligon, R. F., Montgomery.
Rudulph, Z. T., Birmingham.
Stollenwerck, Frank, Jr., Montgomery.
Walker, W. R., Athens.

ARIZONA. Ellinwood, E. E., Bisbee. Franklin, Alfred, Phoenix.


Arnold, William H., Texarkana.
Cantrell, D. H., Little Rock.
Carter, J. M., Texarkana.
Chamberlin, Horace, Little Rock.
Cockrill, Ashley, Little Rock.
Coleman, Chas. T., Little Rock.
Coleman, W. F., Pine Bluff.
Daggett, J. B., Marianna.
Hale, Harry C., Little Rock.
Hon, Daniel, Fort Smith.
Lewis, W. M., Little Rock.
Loughborough, J. F., Little Rock..
McCulloh, E. A., Little Rock.
McDonough, James B., Fort Smith.
Moore, J. Merrick, Little Rock.
Moose, W. L., Little Rock.
Pryor, Thomas B., Fort Smith.
Quinn, Frank S., Texarkana.
Stayton, Joseph M., Newport.
Vaughan, George, Little Rock.


Boke, George H., Berkeley.
Bolton, A. E., San Francisco.
Donahue, Wm. H., San Francisco.
Countryman, R. H., San Francisco.
Coogan, T. C., San Francisco.

Hainwald, Charles L., San Francisco.
Hohfeld, Wesley N., Palo Alto.
Hunsaker, Wm. J., Los Angeles.
Keesling, F. V., San Francisco.
Kidd, A. M., San Francisco.
Lloyd, Warren E., Los Angeles.
McLaughlin, C. E., Sacramento.
Porter, Frank M., Los Angeles.
Pruitt, Drew, Los Angeles.
Scott, Joseph, Los Angeles.
Short, Frank H., Fresno.


Dubbs, Henry A., Denver.
Fleming, John D., Boulder.
Hartman, William L., Pueblo.
May, Henry F., Denver.
McAllister, Henry, Jr., Denver.
McLean, Hugh, Denver.
Preston, J. W., Pueblo.
Regennitter, E. L., Idaho Springs.


Arvine, E. P., New Haven.
Baldwin, Simeon E., New Haven.
Beach, John K., New Haven.
Beers, George E., New Haven.
Church, M. G., Waterbury.
Cleaveland, Livingston W., New Haven.
Huntington, John P., Norwich.
Loomis, Seymour C., New Haven.
Lynch, Bernard E., New Haven.
Peck, Epaphroditus, Bristol.
Perry, Fred L., New Haven.
Robbins, Edward D., New Haven.
Rogers, Henry Wade, New Haven.
Taft, Wm. H., New Haven.
Thomas, Wm. E., Waterbury.
Watrous, George D., New Haven.
Webb, James H., New Haven.
Williams, Wm. H., Derby.
Wright, William A., New Haven.

CUBA. Lamar, L. Q. C., Habana.


Curtis, Chas. M., Wilmington. Gray, Andrew C., Wilmington. Gray, George, Wilmington. Marvel, David T., Wilmington. Nields, John P., Wilmington.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Baker, J. Newton, Washington. Bond, Samuel R., Washington. Bradford, E. W., Washington. Brown, Chapin, Washington. Browne, A. B., Washington. Butler, Charles Henry, Washington. Church, Joseph B., Washington. Church, Melville, Washington. Clephane, Walter C., Washington. Cooke, Levi, Washington. Crowder, Frank, Washington. Davis, Henry E., Washington. Edson, Joseph R., Washington. Esterline, Blackburn, Washington. Fenning, Frederick A., Washington. Fisher, Robert J., Washington. Fraser, Everett, Washington. Gregory, Charles Noble, Washington. Hayden, James H., Washington. James, Francis B., Washington. Jones, Henry Craig, Washington. Kenyon, J. Miller, Washington. King, Geo. A., Washington. Lancaster, Chas. Calvert, Washington. King, George A., Washington. Mabre, C. C., Washington. Mack, Julian W., Washington. McKenney, Frederic D., Washington. McReynolds, James C., Washington. Needham, Chas. W., Washington. Penfield, Walter S., Washington. Tucker, C. C., Washington. Van Orsdel, Josiah, Washington. White, Edward Douglas, Washington. Whittlesey, Geo. P., Washington. Williamson, W. Preston, Washington. Wilson, Nathaniel, Washington.

FLORIDA. Blount, W. A., Pensacola. Buckman, H. H., Jacksonville. Davis, Robert E., Gainesville. Dewhurst, William W., St. Augustine. Hampton, W. W., Gainesville. Hodges, Wm. C., Tallahassee. Hunter, William, Tampa. Locke, James W., Jacksonville. Sullivan, J. J., Pensacola.


Adams, Samuel B., Savannah. Branch, L. W., Quitman. Condon, W. W., Savannah.

Goetchius, Henry R., Columbus.
Gordon, William W., Savannah.
Hammond, T. A., Atlanta.
Hull, James M., Jr., Augusta.
Meldrim, Peter W., Savannah.
Merrill, J. Hansell, Thomasville.
Oliver, Frank M., Savannah.
Pardee, Don A., Atlanta.
Rourke, John, Jr., Savannah.
Tye, John L., Atlanta.
Tyson, Chas. M., Darien.
Watkins, Edgar, Atlanta.


Withington, David L., Honolulu.


Dietrich, Frank S., Boise.


Bancroft, Edgar A., Chicago.
Barton, George P., Chicago.
Bigelow, Harry A., Chicago.
Brown, Frederick A., Chicago.
Brown, John B., Monmouth.
Burnham, Telford, Chicago.
Burry, William, Chicago.
Carter, Orrin N., Chicago.
Cary, Robert J., Chicago.
Cassels, Edwin H., Chicago.
Clithero, Delbert A., Chicago.
Dillon, William, Chicago.
Early, Albert D., Rockford.
Erland, Henry H., Chicago.
Fisher, Geo. P., Chicago.
Follansbee, Mitchell D., Chicago.
Freund, Ernst, Chicago.
Gilmore, Eugene A., Chicago.
Gregory, S. S., Chicago.
Gridley, Martin M., Chicago.
Guerin, Mark E., Chicago.
Harley, Herbert, Chicago.
Higbee, Harry, Pittsfield.
Hoag, Parker H., Chicago.
Hunter, W. R., Kankakee.
Hyde, Chas. Cheney, Chicago.
King, Samuel B., Chicago.
Kramer, Edward C., East St. Louis.
Lawrence, Geo. A., Galesburg.
Levinson, S. O., Chicago.
Lindley, Frank, Danville.
Loesch, Frank J., Chicago.
Lowy, Charles F., Chicago.
MacChesney, Nathan William, Chicago.

Magee, Henry W., Chicago.
Mains, Frederick, Chicago.
Matheny, J. H., Springfield.
Matz, Rudolph, Chicago.
McGibbons, John H., Chicago.
McMurdy, Robert, Chicago.
Merrick, George P., Chicago.
Niblack, Wm. C., Chicago.
Norton, T. J., Chicago.
O'Connor, Charles J., Chicago.
O'Harra, A. W., Carthage.
Olson, Harry, Chicago.
Page, George T., Peoria.
Pam, Max, Chicago.
Parkinson, Robert H., Chicago.
Pearsons, H. P., Chicago.
Petit, A. J., Chicago.
Richards, John T., Chicago.
Scandrett, Henry A., Chicago.
Schofield, Henry, Chicago.
Scott, R. B., Chicago.
Stevens, Geo. M., Chicago.
Strawn, Silas H., Chicago.
Tecklenburg, F. J., Belleville.
Washburn, W. D., Chicago.
Weissenback, Joseph, Chicago.
Wells, Hosea W., Chicago.
Welsh, J. D., Galesburg.
Wentworth, Daniel S., Chicago.
Whitman, Russell, Chicago.
Wigmore, John H., Chicago.
Wilken, R. H., Springfield.
Worthington, Thos., Jacksonville.


Bamberger, Ralph, Indianapolis.
Bastian, Willitts A., Indianapolis.
Bracken, Leonidas L., Muncie.
Fraser, Daniel, Fowler.
Hepburn, Charles M., Bloomington.
Hogate, Enoch G., Bloomington.
Holman, George W., Rochester.
Jewett, Charles L., New Albany.
Ketcham, William A., Indianapolis.
Littleton, Frank L., Indianapolis.
Moores, Merrill, Indianapolis.
Myers, Quincy A., Indianapolis.
Newberger, Louis, Indianapolis.
Parker, Samuel, South Bend.
Pickens, William A., Indianapolis.
Rupe, John Richmond.
Simms, D. W., Lafayette.
Spencer, Charles C., Monticello.
Throckmorton, A. H., Bloomington.

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