The President:

A year ago I was attending a meeting of the Maryland Bar Association when I heard one of the ablest papers I had ever listened to in a Bar Association. The gentleman, who delivered that address is here today. I take great pleasure in introducing to you Hon. N. Charles Burke, Associate Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals.

(Judge Burke then delivered an address on "Legal Procedure and Social Unrest," see Appendix, page 445.)

The President:

I have the pleasure of introducing a gentleman well known to you all, as he has been a member for many years of the American Bar Association. He will address us on the subject of "The Goal and Its Attainment"- William A. Blount, of Florida. (Mr. Blount then delivered an address on The Goal and Its Attainment," see Appendix, page 456.)


The Secretary:

I have a further report on behalf of the Executive Committee. There was a resolution reported out of that committee concerning a motion made by the gentleman from Wisconsin relating to the case of Slocum vs. New York Life Insurance Company. The Executive Committee amends its earlier report. It now recommends that the matter be laid on the table, instead of reporting unfavorably on the resolution upon the ground previously stated, which is now withdrawn.

Everett P. Wheeler, of New York:

That is entirely satisfactory. I move that this report of the Executive Committee be approved.

The motion was carried.

The Secretary:

The Executive Committee, in pursuance of the authority conferred upon it, has elected the following gentlemen to honorary membership in the Association:

Maître F. Labori, Bâtonnier de l'Ordre des Avocats à la Cour d'Appel de Paris, France, a great and eloquent advocate of our

sister Republic of France, whose renown is world-wide, and who honors the American Bar Association by attendance upon its meeting.

Right Honorable Robert L. Borden, Prime Minister of Canada. Right Honorable Sir Wilfrid Laurier, late Prime Minister of Canada.

Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Fitzpatrick, Chief Justice of Canada. Sir François Langelier, Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Quebec.

Hon. Charles J. Doherty, Minister of Justice and AttorneyGeneral of the Dominion.

Hon. Sir Lomer Gouin, Premier and Attorney-General of the Province of Quebec.

Hon. Horace Archambault, Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals of the Province of Quebec.

Hon. Sir Charles Peers Davidson, Chief Justice of the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec.

Hon. Michel Mathieu, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Laval University, Montreal.

Frederick P. Walton, Dean of the Faculty of Law of McGill University, Montreal.

His Worship, the Mayor of Montreal, L. A. Lavallée, K. C. John E. Martin, K. C., Bâtonnier of the Bar of the Province of Quebec.

Robert Cooper Smith, K. C., of Montreal-eminent in law, and eloquent; justly recognized at home and abroad, and long admired by the members of the American Bar Association, whose hospitable interest and kindly co-operation have rendered possible the holding of this meeting in Canada.

The President:

The report of the election of honorary members requires no action by the Association. The election by the Executive Committee is final.

Mr. Niblack, of Illinois, has a resolution to submit which will go to the Committee on Uniform State Laws.

We are ready to receive the report of the Committee on Nominations.

Hollis R. Bailey, of Massachusetts;

Aldis B. Browne, of District of Columbia;
William H. Burges, of Texas;

John H. Voorhees, of South Dakota;
William H. Staake, of Pennsylvania;
Albert W. Biggs, of Tennessee;
William C. Niblack, of Illinois.

William P. Bynum, of North Carolina:

The General Council requests me to report the nomination of the following persons for officers of the Association for the ensuing year:

For President: William Howard Taft, of Connecticut.
For Secretary: George Whitelock, of Maryland.
For Treasurer: Frederick E. Wadhams, of New York.
For Members of the Executive Committee:

Ernest T. Florance, of Louisiana:

I am instructed by the General Council to move that the Secretary cast the ballot of the Association in favor of William Howard Taft for President of the American Bar Association.

Everett P. Wheeler, of New York:

I second the motion.

The President:

It is moved and seconded that the Secretary cast the ballot of the Association for the election of William Howard Taft, as President. All in favor of the motion will say aye; opposed, no. The motion is carried, and the Secretary will cast the ballot. The Secretary:

I have cast the ballot of the Association for President as directed.

The President:

I declare William Howard Taft, cf Connecticut, elected President of the American Bar Association.

The other nominees were then duly elected to the respective offices for which nominated.

Moorfield Storey, of Massachusetts:

I beg leave to present the following


The American Bar Association, having met for the first time outside of the United States, feel that they cannot let the occasion pass without expressing their appreciation of all that has been done to make the meeting pleasant and successful.

The attendance has been greater than at any previous meeting, itself a proof of the attraction exerted by the beautiful city of Montreal, so rich in historic memories.

During our sojourn we have not felt ourselves in a foreign country. The good people of this city have made us feel at home by their gracious hospitality. It is impossible to mention all those to whom we feel indebted, when, from his Majesty the King, and the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, through every grade of official station and private life, there has been but one note of cordial welcome.

At this meeting our Constitution has been amended to permit the election as honorary members of persons of distinction, residing in other countries, whether prominent in the profession or in public life. The names of those selected for this mark of our respect indicate our appreciation of their eminence as well as of the courtesy which we have received at their hands.

We thank the newspapers of Montreal for their full and correct account of the proceedings of our various meetings. We feel sure that these reports will increase the cordial feeling already existing between Canadian and American lawyers.

We thank the officials representing the Dominion, the Province of Quebec, and the City of Montreal.

We are under lasting obligations to the Board of Governors of McGill University, who have taken this occasion to confer the highest academic honors on six of our members. We feel that in thus honoring them, the University has honored our Association.

The University has further favored us by placing at our disposal the splendid auditorium of the Royal Victoria College, and many other parts of the building.

The Bar of Montreal has welcomed us as brothers, and their many acts of courtesy, and the entertainments provided by them. are greatly appreciated. For their unvarying kindness we offer our heartiest thanks.

In this expression of appreciation we have not attempted to enumerate all those to whom our thanks are due, for that would be impossible; but of one resident of Montreal we must make special mention. Mr. Rennie O. McMurtry, from the time it was decided to hold this meeting at Montreal, took charge of the arrangements, gave his personal services to each one, and well accomplished his self-imposed and hospitable task.

Therefore the committee presents this memorial and asks that it be approved and entered upon our records.




The resolutions were unanimously adopted.

The Secretary:

A memorial has been prepared of our late esteemed member, Ralph W. Breckenridge, of Nebraska, and it is requested that the minute be received and filed.

The President:

The request is granted.

A resolution has been submitted to the Executive Committee by Samuel P. Goldman, of New York, to which, under the rules, the Executive Committee will give attention.

Edgar H. Farrar, of Louisiana:

I am requested by the International Law Association to call. the attention of the American Bar Association to an effort which will be made at the Madrid conference of that body to obtain an international agreement in respect to deck cargoes exported from this country-particularly in regard to timber deck cargoes exported in the winter time.

I therefore move that the Committee on Commercial Law be

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