Central Asian Portraits: The Celebrities of the Khanates and the Neighbouring States

W. H. Allen & Company, 1880 - 310 sider

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Side 135 - I returned by touching my cap. He then made a sign for me to sit down by his side. Before I relate our conversation, it may not be uninteresting if I describe the sovereign. He is taller than the average of his subjects, being quite five feet ten in height, and is strongly built. His face is of a broad massive type, he has a low, square forehead, large dark eyes, a short straight nose, with dilated nostrils, and a coal-black beard and moustache.
Side 81 - ... encased in trousers and boots of European pattern ? They must be sovereign lords of foreign terrritory, owing no allegiance to the British Crown. The boy is Abdoolla Jan, a younger son of Shere Ali, of Afghanistan ; the man is Shere Ali himself. Shere Ali's past history is legible in his externals. In his air there is all the dignity which royal birth, coupled with a long experience of misfortune, seldom fails to confer ; and the habitual melancholy of his passion-ravaged countenance is eloquent...
Side 20 - The justice of this chief affords a constant theme of praise to all classes : the peasant rejoices at the absence of tyranny ; the citizen at the safety of his home and the strict municipal regulations regarding weights and measures ; the merchant at the equity of the decisions and the protection of his property, and the soldiers at the regular manner in which their arrears are discharged. A man in power can have no higher praise.
Side 8 - ... diplomacy, which are always wandering in my heart and brain, have not allowed me to rest a moment, and I shall never be easy until some mature steps are taken to punish the hostile obstinacy of Ata...
Side 21 - Khan has not attained his fortieth year ; his mother was a Persian, and he has been trained up with people of that nation, which has sharpened his understanding, and given him advantages over all his brothers. One is struck with the intelligence, knowledge, and curiosity which he displays, as well as his accomplished manners and address. He is doubtless the most powerful chief in Afghanistan, and may yet raise himself by his abilities to a much greater rank in his native country.
Side 283 - Cavagnari, in which he said that he would " bring every human effort to bear on my exalted father in the hope that, perhaps, the friendship of this God-granted State with the illustrious British Government may remain constant and firm.
Side 7 - ... of my superiors be not durable ; and in this respect the most blind and foolish policy appears to prevail. One cause for every one of the above-mentioned individuals falling into luxurious indolence appears to be, that they forget the seditious conduct of Ata...
Side 22 - Khan, there is manifest the existence of every thing imaginable most suitable to support his own view. He is calm, prudent, and wise in cabinet, and an able commander in the field. In treachery, cruelty, murder, and falsehood, he is equally notorious. He is not at all a popular ruler, but he is the first man in Afghanistan who knows how to keep his authority undisturbed, and to deal effectually with the vagabond Afghans. He is certainly very much liked in regard to one thing, namely this : any man...
Side 7 - ... eyes of the Sardar, who addressed the following speech to the Vazir in open " darbar " or court. " It appears to me that the victory gained last year, the annihilation of the seditious chiefs, the confinement of Shah Zadah Abbas, the repossession of Kabul, and the elevation of our King Shah Mahmud to the throne of his forefathers, by the use of the sword, and by the wisdom of the members of our family, have been a sufficient source of gratification to those who are attached to our fortunes and...

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