History of Arizona, Volum 4

Filmer brothers electrotype Company, 1916
History of Arizona beginning with the Spanish explorations, connection with the Santa Fe Trail, transition of control from Mexico to United States, American-Indian relations, settlement, and statehood.

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Side 204 - ... every alternate section of public land, not mineral, designated by odd numbers, to the amount of twenty alternate sections per mile, on each side of said railroad line...
Side 205 - STATE. — The foregoing act having been presented to the President of the United States for his approval, and not having been returned by him to the house of Congress in which it originated within the time prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, has become a law without his approval.] Fob.
Side 192 - ... then the town officials shall be exempt from the provisions of this section so far as it relates to the enforcement of the provisions of section 51 of this act.
Side 200 - Senate concurring,) That a committee of three from the House and two from the Senate, be appointed...
Side 200 - To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled: Your memorialists, the legislative assembly of the "territory of Oregon...
Side 6 - Territory of all that part of the present Territory of New Mexico situ- Arizonaate west of a line running due south from the point where the southwest corner of the Territory of Colorado joins the northern boundary of the Territory of New Mexico...
Side 161 - An annual ad valorem tax of ninety-five cents upon each one hundred dollars' value of taxable property is hereby levied, and directed to be collected and paid for State purposes, upon the assessed value of all taxable property in this State, not by this Act exempt from taxation.
Side 182 - The act of Congress to legalize the occupation of mineral lands, and to extend the rights of pre-emption thereto, adopted at the late session, preserves all that is best in the system created by miners themselves, and saves all vested rights under that system, while offering a permanent title to all who desire it, at a mere nominal cost. It is a more equitable and practicable measure than the people of the mineral districts had supposed Congress would adopt, and credit for its liberal and acceptable...
Side 174 - Bill's' groin went the sure bullet of the man who, local wits used to say, wore crape upon his hat in memory of his departed virtues. "The bullet struck, and Duffield bent over with a most Chesterfieldian bow and wave of the hand : 'My name's Duffield, sir,' he said, 'and them 'ere's mee visitin
Side 190 - SEC. 51. It shall be the duty of persons who may discover and claim mining rights or mineral lands, at the same time that they may define the boundary of their claim or claims to any lode or mine as required by the provisions of this chapter, to lay off and define the boundary of one pertenencia, as required by the provisions of this chapter, adjoining their claim or claims, which shall be the property of the Territory of Arizona. And at the same time that they present their notice of claim or claims...

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