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Side 464 - County and served six years, being reelected in 1889; in 1898 was appointed assistant tax commissioner in the department of taxes and assessments of the city of New York...
Side 445 - Company in the borough of Queens, in the city of New York and...
Side 478 - Bronx, of the New York Edison Company, and the United Electric Light & Power Company -(cases Nos.
Side 351 - There is deposited with the Trustee, $4,850,000 of the first mortgage consolidated bonds of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad Company, to secure the redemption and payment of the issue of the Broadway Surface bonds, $2,500,000, and the Broadway and Seventh Avenue flrst and second mortgage bonds, $2,000,000, and also the South Ferry Railroad Company flrst mortgage bonds, $350,000.
Side 448 - Every such increase or reduction must be authorized either by the unanimous consent of the stockholders, expressed in writing and filed in the office of the secretary of state and in the office of the clerk of the county in which the...
Side 351 - Battery, has assumed the payment of the principal and interest of $1,125,000 of the first mortgage bonds of said Broadway Surface Railroad Company, and likewise has assumed the payment of the interest of the second mortgage bonds of the said company to the amount of $1,000,000 and also by the lease of the South Ferry Railroad Company, it assumes the payment of the principal and interest of $350,000 of the mortgage bonds of that company, which payments are charged under the head of rentals in the...
Side 445 - ... city to be connected with any railroad or railroads within the state of New York or any adjoining state and thereby forming a continuous line for the carriage of passengers and property between a point or points within and a point or points without the said city.
Side 409 - Miscellaneous general expenses 367 83 $5,707 91 *Additions and betterments to road, change of motive power, etc., are at the expense of the lessee company, and such improvements are to become the property of the lessor at the expiration or sooner termination of the lease.
Side 318 - Passenger train mileage. Freight train mileage. . . Work train mileage .... All other train mileage. . Total train mileage. 5.703,5« 22,878.427 3,109,3« 20.273.0
Side 240 - Number of transfer points 2 Number of passengers carried on chartered cars...

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