Municipal Government

Century Company, 1909 - 401 sider

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Side 172 - That we respectfully urge upon the Congress of the United States and the legislatures of the several states...
Side 144 - Every male citizen of the age of twentyone years who shall have been a citizen for ten days and an inhabitant of this State one year next preceding an election, and for the last four months a resident of the county and for the last thirty days a resident of the election district in which he may offer his vote, shall be entitled to vote at such election in the election district of which he shall at the time be a resident, and not elsewhere...
Side 178 - ... of mayor-president. All are elected at large. The mayor-president is presiding officer of the commission but otherwise has no special powers. By a majority vote of the five commissioners all municipal ordinances are passed, and all appropriations are voted, the mayor-president having no right to veto either absolute or qualified. The commissioners likewise, by majority vote, apportion among themselves the headships of the four main departments of civic administration, namely, finance and revenue,...
Side 325 - In school administration, it can not fall to leave the impression that the school board is succumbing to the same Influence that destroyed the city council, and that In time there will be a school department with a single commissioner at its head, having toward the school department about the same powers and duties that the single commissioner or other executive department head has toward his department.
Side 215 - The qualities desired in a municipal administrative force are two in number : they are amenability to popular control, and administrative efficiency.
Side 39 - Social, political and religious prejudices are made to do the work which should be done by careful thought and scientific investigation. Scattered and unrelated fragments of half-baked information form a stock of ' knowledge ' with which the townsman's glib tongue enables him to present a showy intellectual shop-front. Business smartness pays better in the town, and the low intellectual qualities which are contained in it are educated by town life. The knowledge of human nature thus evoked is in...
Side 261 - I am free to say that, under the present board, police administration has been better, the laws have been more strictly enforced, good order has been more generally maintained than under the old system. When the tone of the state government is higher than that of the city government, centralized police administration is the better system.
Side 28 - Migration is predominantly a short-distance movement, but the centers of attraction are the great cities, toward which currents of migration set in from the remotest counties. The larger the city, the greater its power of attraction (ie, the larger its proportion of outsiders, and the more distant the counties or districts which contribute to it). The mobility of great-city populations is below the average mobility.
Side 257 - ... acts relating to watching and lighting the city, and providing for the expense thereof. The modern policeman is a creature of statute. The ancient conservator of the peace was the watch and constable, much after the Dogberry pattern, and all citizens were bound to take their turn in keeping watch. The first watchman was appointed in 1700 by the Provincial Council, and had the whole care of the city. It was his duty to go through the city at night ringing a bell, to cry out the time of night and...
Side 132 - The poor-rate had become public spoil. The ignorant believed it an inexhaustible fund which belonged to them. To obtain their share, the brutal bullied the administrators ; the profligate exhibited their bastards which must be fed ; the idle folded their arms, and waited till they got it ; ignorant boys and girls married upon it ; poachers, thieves, and prostitutes extorted it by intimidation ; country justices lavished it for popularity, and guardians for convenience.

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