From high Parnassus, the unweary'd toils
Of Industry and Valour, in that world
Triumphant, to reward with tuneful song.

Happy the voyage o’er th’ Atlantic brine
By active Raleigh made; and great the joy
When he discern'd, above the foamy surge,
A rising coast, for future colonies,
Op’ning her bays, and figuring her capes,
Ev'n from the northern tropic to the pole.
No land gives more employment to the loom,
Or kindlier feeds the indigent; no land
With more variety of wealth rewards
The hand of Labour : thither from the wrongs
Of lawless rule—the free-born spirit flies ;
Thither Affliction,—thither Poverty,–
And Arts and Sciences: thrice happy clime,
Which Britain makes th' asylum of mankind !

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But joy superior far his bosom warms Who views those shores in ev'ry culture dress'd; With habitations gay, and numerous towns, On hill and valley; and his countrymen , Form'd into various states, pow'rful and rich, In regions far remote : who from our looms Take largely-for themselves, and for those tribes

Of Indians, ancient tenants of the land ;
In amity conjoin'd, of civil life
The comforts taught, and various new desires,
Which kindle arts, and occupy the poor,
And spread Britannia's flocks o'er every dale.

Ye who the shuttle cast along the loom, The silk-worm's thread inweaving with the fleece, Pray for the culture of the Georgian track; Nor slight the green Savannahs, and the plains Of Carolina; where thick woods arise Of mulberries; and in whose water'd fields Upsprings the verdant blade of thirsty rice. Where are the happy regions which afford More implements of commerce and of wealth:

Fertile Virginia, like a vigorous bough, Which overshades some crystal river, spreads Her wealthy cultivations wide around, And, more than many a spacious realm, rewards The fleecy shuttle ; to her growing marts, The Iroquese, Cheroques, and Oubacks come; And quit their feathery ornaments uncouth For woolly garments; and the cheers of life, The cheers, but not the vices, learn to taste. Blush, Europeans ! whom the circling cup

Of luxury intoxicates ;-ye routs !
Who for your crimes have fled your native land;
And ye voluptuous idle! who, in vain,
Seek easy habitations, void of care :-
The sons of Nature, with astonishment,
And detestation, mark your evil deeds ;
And view, no longer awd, your nerveless arms,
Unfit to cultivate Ohio's banks.

See the bold emigrants of Accadie, And Massachuset, happy in those arts That join the politics of trade and war, Bearing the palm in either ;-they appear Better exemplars;—and that hardy crew, Who, from the frozen beach of Newfoundland, Hang their white fish amid the parching winds: The kindly fleece, in webs of Duffield woof, Their limbs, benumb’d, enfolds with cheerly warmth ; And frize of Cambria, worn by those who seek, Thro' gulfs and dales of Hudson's winding bay, The beaver's far, tho' oft they seek in vain, While Winter's frosty rigour checks approach, Een in the fiftieth latitude. Say why, (If ye, the travelld sons of Commerce, know,) Wherefore lie bound their rivers, lakes, and dales, Half the sun's annual course, in chains of ice :


While the Rhine's fertile shore, and Gallic realms,
By the same zone encircled, long enjoy
Warm beams of Phæbus, and, supine, behold
Their plains and hillocks blush with clust'ring vines ?

Must it be ever thus? or may the hand
Of mighty Labour drain their gusty lakes,
Enlarge the brightning sky, and, peopling, warm
The opening vallies and the yellowing plains ?
Or rather shall we burst strong Darien’s chain,
Steer our bold fleets between the cloven rocks,MI
And thro’ the great Pacific every joy a s
Of civil life diffuse? Are not her isles
Numerous and large ? have they not harbours calm,
Inhabitants and manners ? haply too,
Peculiar, sciences, and other forms
Of trade, and useful products, to exchange
For woolly vestures ? 'Tis a tedious course
By the Antarctic circle: nor beyond
Those sea-wrapt gardens of the dulcet reed,
Bahama and Caribbee, may be found

Safe mole or harbour, till on Falkland's Isle
The standard of Britannia shall arise.
Proud Buenos Ayres, low-couched Paraguay, or
And rough Corrientes, mark, with hostile eye,
The lab'ring vessel: neither may we trust
The dreary, naked Patagonian land,

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Which darkens in the wind. No traffic there,
No barter for the fleece. There angry storms
Bend their black brows, and raging hurl around
Their thunders. Ye adventurous Mariners !
Be firm; take courage from the brave. 'Twas there
Perils and conflicts inexpressible
Anson, with steady, undespairing breast,
Endur'd, when o'er the various globe he chas'd
His country's foes. Fast-gathering tempests rouz'd
Huge ocean, and involv'd him : all around
Whirlwind, and snow, and hail, and horror: now,
Rapidly, with the world of waters, down
Descending to the channels of the deep,
He view'd th' uncover'd bottom of th’abyss,
And now the stars, upon the loftiest point
Toss'd of the sky-mix'd surges. Oft the burst
Of loudest thunder, with the dash of seas,
Tore the wild-flying sails and tumbling masts ;
While flames, thick-flashing in the gloom, reveald
Ruins of decks and shrouds, and sights of death.

Yet on he fard, with fortitude his cheer,--
Gaining, at intervals, slow way, beneath
Del Fuego's rugged cliffs; and the white ridge
Above all height, (by opening clouds reveald,)
Of Montegorda ; and inaccessible

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