Steamship "Oreland"—At Genoa, Italy.

The steamship Oreland from La Plata, Argentina, arrived at Genoa, Italy, June 12, 1921, with a history of two fatal cases of plague occurring on board during the voyage. The cases occurred among the crew of the vessel. The Oreland left La Plata May 13, 1921, with a cargo of wheat for Genoa, via St. Vincent, Cape Verde Islands.


Communicable Diseases—Habana. Communicable diseases have been notified at Habana as follows:


Disembarkation or Emigrants Arriving Under Contract.

By order of the Cuban quarantine service, dated June 21, 1921, disembarkation of emigrants arriving under contract may be made only at the ports of Habana and Santiago and, in case of there being no quarantinablc disease on board, at the ports of Antilla and Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Quarantine Against Honduras Removed.'

Under date of June 3, 1921, quarantine on account of yellow fever was removed at ports in Cuba against arrivals from Honduras.

Infectious Disease (Alaslrim or Kaffir Pox).

During the two weeks ended June 11, 1921, 224 new cases of alastrim or Kaffir pox were reported in the Island of Jamaica.

1 Public Health Beports, Mar. IS, 1821, p. 738.



During the 10-day period ended June 20, 1921, 26 rases of plague were reported at Tampico, Mexico, the last cases being reported June 18, 1921. The total number of cases reported at Tampico from January 1 to June 18, 1921, was 145.

Yellow Fever—Vera Cruz.

According to information dated June 27, 1921, 7 cases of yellow fever had occurred in Vera Cruz, Mexico, during the preceding 15 days, 5 cases being officially reported on June 27.


Plague—March-April, 1921.

During the month of March, 1921, 70 cases of plague with 44 deaths were reported in Peru. The cases and deaths were distributed in the maritime departments of the country as follows: Arequipa, 2 cases occurring at Mollendo; Callao, 7 cases with 1 death at Callao; Lambayeque, 2 cases with 1 death at Chiclayo; Libertad, 12 cases with 7 deaths in 5 localities; Lima, 32 cases with 16 deaths, of which 20 cases with 13 deaths occurred in Lima city and 7 cases with 2 deaths in the Lima district; Piura, 21 cases with 19 deaths occurring at Payta, Piura, and Sullana.

During the month of April, 1921, 43 cases of plague with 20

deaths were reported in the maritime departments of Peru as follows:

Ancachs, 4 cases with 1 death at Huarmey; Arequipa, 3 cases with

3 deaths at Mollendo; Callao, 8 cases at Callao; Lambayeque, 1 case

with 1 death at Chiclayo; Libertad, 16 cases with 5 deaths occurring

in 5 localities; Lima, 6 cases with 3 deaths, including 3 cases with

2 deaths at Lima city; Piura, 7 deaths occurring at Payta, Sullana,

and Talara.

Yellow Fever—March-April, 1921.

During the month of March, 1921, 66 cases of yellow fever with 25 deaths were reported in the Department of Lambayeque. The cases were distributed in 8 localities.

During the month of April, 1921, 106 cases of yellow fever with 32 deaths were reported from 13 localities.

1 Reports of the occurrence of plague in Tampico published in the Public Health Reports for Juno 10, 1921, p. Uit, and June 24, p 1481, recorded as of 10-day periods ondcd June 0 and 17, respectively, were for l*day pcrio is ended May 31 and June 10, rcsjectivcly.


Smallpox—Typhus Fever—March-April, 1921.

During the period from March 1 to April 30, 1921, 1,117 cases of smallpox with 142 deaths, and 11,489 cases of typhus fever with 1,131 deaths were reported in Poland. The occurrence was distributed in 11 districts. In the city of Warsaw 90 cases of smallpox with 13 deaths, and 223 cases of typhus fever with 29 deaths were reported.

Examination of Rats.

During the week ended June 11, 1921, 3,199 rats were examined in Porto Rico for plague infection. Of these, 929 rats were taken in San Juan and vicinity. No plague infection was found.


During the week ended June 11, 1921, two fatal cases of human plague were reported in Porto Rico, one case occurring at Caguas and one at Manati, making a total of 24 cases reported from the beginning of the outbreak.

Typhus Fever—Outbreak, Vicinity of Cape Town.

During the week ended May 19, 1921, 10 cases of typhus fever with three deaths were reported in the vicinity of Cape Town, Union of South Africa. The outbreak occurred in a cantonment of natives and was attributed to overcrowding.

Contagious Diseases—May, 1921.

The occurrence of contagious diseases in the Virgin Islands during the month of May, 1921, has been reported as follows:


CHOLERA, PLAGUE, SMALLPOX, TYPHUS FEVER, ArtD YELLOW FEVER. Reports Received During Week Ended July 8, 1921.'


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1 From medical officers of the Pnbllc Health Service. American consuls, and other sources. Por reports received from Jan. 1 to July 1, W21, see Public Health Reports lor July 1, 1921. The tables of epidemic diseases are terminated semiannually and new tables begun.



Reports Received During Week Ended Jaly 8, 1921—Continued.

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