me from my sins in Thine Own Blood, receive my soul into the joyful abode of Thine elect, to dwell for ever in Thy glorious Presence.

In the hour of death, in the day of judgment,

Good LORD, deliver me. That when my soul shall depart from the body, its place may be in peace, its abode in Paradise ;

Hear me, O JESU, my Saviour.

That the light of Thy Love may sustain and comfort me in my last conflict;

Hear me, O JESU, my Saviour.

That Holy Angels may conduct my soul into Thy Presence, and that it may be accepted through Thine own infinite merits ;

Hear me, O JESU, my Saviour. That Thou mayest receive me as Thy faithful Soldier and servant into the joy of my LORD ;

Hear me, O JESU, my Saviour.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sin of the world,

Have mercy upon me. O Lamb of God, that takest away the sin of the world,

Grant me Thy Peace.


THE DEATH OF A SHIPMATE. O remember how short my time is;

Wherefore hast Thou made all men for nought?

When Thou hidest Thy face they are troubled.

When Thou takest away their breath they die, and are turned again to their dust.

So teach us to number our days,

That we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

"Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day, nor the hour, wherein the Son of MAN cometh.”—Matthew xxv. 13.

Prayer. I O GOD, who hast appointed unto us all once to die, but hast mercifully concealed from us the hour of our death; grant me so to profit by this Thy visitation, that I may redeem the time Thou yet givest me. Help me now, amidst health and strength, in the duties and trials of life, to remember Thee, to fear, and honour Thee. Fit and prepare me for my last hour; and grant me so to live as a faithful Soldier of the Cross, in holiness and righteousness all my days, that I may die happily in Thy love, and attain everlasting Life, through JESUS CHRIST. Amen.


The best way in which the Christian Seaman can render thanks to God for His mercy in giving him back his life, is to give himself up to His service, “to offer the Service of Thanksgiving(i.e., Eucharist), and receive the

* If this Prayer is used in the Sick Bay, and said aloud, change “me” and “I” into "us" and


sacrament of the blessed Body and Blood of CHRIST, as He has commanded. He will not forget, too, to give something to the Church at the Offertory, as a proof of his thankfulness.

“What reward shall I give unto the LORD: for all the benefits He hath done unto me?

“I will receive the Cup of Salvation: and call upon the name of the LORD.”

O most gracious GOD, I humbly beseech Thee to accept this my most hearty praise and thanksgiving for this Thy great goodness vouchsafed to me. LORD, I am unworthy of the least of Thy mercies. “Praise the LORD, O my soul; and all that is within me bless His Holy Name. Who has saved my life from destruction, and crowneth me with mercy and loving-kindness.” Grant me now to go forth to my daily duties resolved to confess Thee before men, and in the faithful discharge of my duties to render Thee unceasing and devoted service. Do Thou enable me, O LORD JESUS, to continue Thy faith

ful Sailor and Servant, unto my life's end. Amen.

“Watch ye : stand fast in the faith : Quit you like men : be strong.”—1 Cor. inthians xvi. 13.

Be careful that this thanksgiving or one like it is used after you are discharged from Hospital or the Sick List, as well as when you have begun to recover. We are very apt to thank God with our lips in the quiet of the Sick Bay, but to forget to shew forth our thankfulness by our lives when we have returned to our mess and our duty. Psalms and Passages from Holy Scrip

ture for the Sick and Sorrowful.

In Sorrow for Sin :—Psalm vi., xvi., xix., xxiii., xxv., xxxii., xxxviii., xxxix., li., lv., lxi., lxii., cii., cxxx., cxxxix., cxlii., clxiii.

Recovery from Sickness :—Psalm xxvii., xxx., xxxi., xl.

Thanksgiving :Psalm xxxiv., 1x., lxi., lxii., ciii., cxxi.

For Encouragement:—Psalm xxxvii.

In Heaviness:---Psalm lxii., lxix., lxx., lxxvii., lxxxiv., lxxxvi.

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