tion any one in particular which comes into your mind). FATHER, I have sinned against heaven and before Thee. Restore Thou them that are penitent, and grant that I may hereafter live a godly, righteous, and sober life, to the glory of Thy Holy Name. Amen.

Into Thy Hands I commend myself [my father, mother, wife, &c.: remember by name those whom you can remember without trying), and all my shipmates. Give Thy Holy angels charge over us to keep us in all Thy ways.

In the Name of the FATHER, of the Son, and of the HOLY GHOST, I lay me down in peace. Amen. MORNING PRAYERS IN VERSE. On waking, or whilst lashing up, thank

God for His mercies and say: New every morning is the love, Our wakening and uprising prove, Through sleep and darkness safely

brought, Restored to life, and power, and


Think of your sins and say :
O LORD, turn not Thy face from me,

Who lie in woful state,
Lamenting all my sinful life

Before Thy mercy-gate. Resolve to serve God more faithfully

as you say : Oft in danger, oft in woe, Onward, Christians, onward go, Bear the toil, maintain the strife, Strengthened with the Bread of Life! Think of your Relations, Friends, and

Shipmates as you say : LORD, shower upon us from above The sacred gift of mutual love ; Each other's wants may we supply, And reign together in the sky. Amen.

EVENING PRAYERS IN VERSE Before turning in, or before going to

sleep, thank God for His mercies

and say: Praise God from whom all blessings

flow, · Praise Him, all creatures here below,

Praise Him above, angelic host,
Praise FATHER, Son, and HOLY

Confess your sins to God as you say :
Grant us, dear LORD, from evil ways

True absolution and release; And bless us more than in past days,

With purity and inward peace. Through life's long day and death's

dark night, O gentle JESUS, be our Light. Think of your Friends at Home, and

your Shipmates, and say : O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come. Be Thou our guard while troubles last, And our eternal home.

Commend yourself to God and say: Hold Thou Thy Cross before my clos

ing eyes; Shine through the gloom, and point

me to the skies; Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's

vain shadows flee; In life, in death, O LORD, abide with




OPPORTUNITY. When Outward Bound. Vouchsafe, we beseech Thee, O GOD, to preserve us Thy servants. Be unto us our Support in setting out, our Comfort on the way, our Shadow in heat, our Shelter in rain and cold, our Rest in weariness, our Refuge in danger, our Harbour in shipwreck; that Thou being our Guide we may reach the station [or post] whither we are bound; and at length return unharmed to our own homes; through JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

When Homeward Bound. O GOD, who didst make a safe way for the Children of Israel through the midst of the sea ; and didst lead, by the guiding of a star, the wise men into Thy Presence; grant to us, we beseech Thee, a prosperous journey, and a peaceful time ; that by the guidance of Thy holy angel we may safely arrive at our home; and finally may reach the haven of everlasting salva

tion, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

On Commissioning a Ship. Prevent us, O LORD, in all our doings on board this ship, with Thy most gracious favour, and further us with Thy continual help ; that in all our works begun, continued, and ended in 'Thee, we-both those who command and those who obey—may glorify Thy Holy Name; and finally by Thy mercy, obtain everlasting life, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

On Joining a Ship. Almighty and merciful GOD, of whose only gift it cometh that Thy faithful people do unto Thee true and laudable service, grant that I may so faithfully serve Thee in this ship, that I fail not to attain Thy heavenly promises ; through the merits of JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

On Paying off O GOD, the Protector of all that trust in Thee, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy, increase

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