well as on board I may walk in the way of Thy commandments. I know that dangers await me on shore, the companionship of the ungodly; the evil spirit of drunkenness; the strange woman that flattereth with her tongue ; and, above all, the evil inclinations of my own heart. Give me grace to keep a strict and careful watch over myself, and to pray fervently that the tempter may never have any advantage over me. And if through weakness of the flesh I fall into sin, O grant me opportunity to repent at once; and let no earthly pleasure draw me back from seeking Thee when Thou mayest be found; through JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

When Injured by Some One.' Grant, O LORD, that in this injury which I have endured at the hand of [here mention his name], I may look

Before using this prayer be very careful to ask your conscience (1) whether the injury was deserved or provoked by your own conduct; (2) whether you forgive "even as God for CHRIST's sake hath forgiven you."

stedfastly up to heaven, and, by faith beholding the glory that shall be revealed, may have grace to bless and even to love him; following the example of Thy first martyr, St. Stephen, who prayed for them that persecuted him to Thee, O Blessed JESUS, who standest at the right hand of God to succour all those that suffer for Thee, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen..

In Seasons of Bodily or Spiritual

Danger. ( Within us, to strengthen

us; Without us, to keep us ;

Above us, to protect us; LORD, be

Beneath us, to uphold us;

Before us, to direct us ;
Behind us, to keep us

from straying;
| Around us, to defend us.

Or this, My times are in Thy hand; Thou shalt answer for me, O LORD, my GOD. May nothing separate me from the love of GOD which is in CHRIST JESUS our Lord.

For Deliverance from a Besetting Sin.

O GOD, who hast said, “ My grace is sufficient for thee,” grant me Thy grace now, that I may have strength to resist the sin of here mention what. ever it is). I know I ought to hate and detest all sin, and this one more than all. Fill my heart with Thy love, and let that be my answer to the tempter; that as Thou, O Blessed JESUS, hast died for love of me and to deliver me from the power of this sin, so for love of Thee may I die to sin and daily live more and more unto righteousness; who with the FATHER, and the HOLY GHOST art one GOD, world without end. Amen.

On Getting a Badge, or higher Rating,

or on being restored to First-class for Conduct. O GOD, let this earthly blessing be

ever to me a type of my heavenly calling : that as, in spite of my many sins, 'Thou hast vouchsafed to me this temporal privilege for my encouragement in the Service, so forgetting those things which are behind, I may reach forth unto those things which are before, and press toward the mark for the prize of my high calling in CHRIST JESUS. Give me grace to count all things but loss if I may be found in Him-my SAVIOUR and my God. Amen.

On Pay Day. O GOD, may the money which I have to-day received for my earthly service, teach me the priceless value of that life eternal, which Thou hast freely given me in CHRIST JESUS ; and grant that by a right use of it I may learn to live soberly and righteously in this present world, as one who will have one day to give account to Thee for all the blessings, earthly and heavenly, which Thou hast entrusted to his care ; through the same JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

To be used by Officers. O GOD, who hast said, “The powers that be are ordained of God," grant that I may realise the nature of the stewardship to which I have been appointed. Help me so to govern myself, my body, my heart, and my mind, that I may fitly govern those whom Thou hast entrusted to my command, in Thee, and for Thee; through JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

By Petty and Non-commissioned

Officers. Almighty God, by whose grace one petty officer (or non-commissioned officer) in the gospel is known to us for his faith, and another for his prayers and good works, grant unto me the same grace that I may ever remember whose authority I exercise towards those who are placed under me ; and by faithfulness, patience, and courage, so perform my duty to them and my commanding officer, that I may be accepted of Thee. For the merits of JESUS CHRIST, who though He was the

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