Am I in the habit of being irreverent or inattentive in Church? Can I call to mind any occasion of the sort ?

Have I the courage to kneel at worship? And do I try to remember GOD's presence?

Do I read the Bible as God's voice speaking to me?

Third Commandment. Have I used the name of God, or of JESUS CHRIST lightly?

Have I used profane language? Cursing? Or swearing ?

Do I do anything to check bad language in others when I have the opportunity ?

Have I made jokes on Scripture subjects ?

Have I spoken evil of the Chaplain?
Have I spoken against the Church?

Fourth Commandment. Do I do my best to keep Sunday and the festivals of the Church as the Bible and Prayer Book teach me, by reading the Bible, special prayer, and receiving Holy Communion ?

By Officers. Have I done my best to promote religion amongst the men ?

Have I assisted the Chaplain in his duties when I have had reason to know that my assistance would be valued?

Do I set a reverent example at Public Worship?

If I am in authority, have I stopped all unnecessary work on Sunday, and enabled the men to spend it as a day of rest from ordinary work ?

Have I caused the great Holy Days of the Church-Christmas Day, Easter Day, The Epiphany, Ash-Wednesday, Good Friday, Ascension Day, to be recognised as well as I could ?

Fifth Commandment. Is there anything in my habit of life which causes my parents sorrow? or would cause them sorrow if they knew it?

Do I render them the support which I ought?

Have I disobeyed the commands of my superiors either openly or behind their backs?

Have I been civil and kind to my messmates ?

Have I honoured the Queen and all who bear rule in her name, in my language? in my actions by performing them honestly and heartily?

Sixth Commandment. Have I intentionally done any bodily harm to any one, except in the service of my country?

Have I given waytoanger in thought, word, or action ?

Have I been hasty ? passionate ? or sulky?

Have I refused to be friendly with any one?

Have I tried to be friendly with any one who has cut me? or whom I have offended ?

Have I hurt any one's soul by bad example? or persuasion ?

Have I made mischief or stirred up quarrels ?

Do I expose my life to danger by

evil living ? by drunkenness? in any other way?

Have I tried to lead to repentance those whom I know to be living in sin ? Do I ever pray for them?

Seventh Commandment. Have I been guilty of any immoral conduct ?

Have I looked at filthy objects, pictures, books or papers ? or witnessed immoral sights, indecent plays, immodest dances ?

Have I allowed myself to be idle ?

Have I used impure or obscene language ? told obscene stories, or stories with double meanings ? sung or listened to obscene songs ?

Have I been amused by others doing so?

Have I indulged in indecent recollections?

* Our subtle enemy will under the pretence of Self-examination lure us on to dwelling on past sins of thought, word, or deed, until we shall desire to commit them afresh. It should be noted that with this view the Self-examination is ordinarily confined to the sins of the past 24 hours (p. 52). Old sins, **pecially of impurity long since mourned over,

Have I been guilty of intemperance in eating ? or in drinking ?

Eighth Commandment. Have I taken anything belonging to another?

Have I done my best to find the owner of anything I have found ?

Have I injured things belonging to others?

Have I wastefully expended Government stores ?

Have I got into debt knowing I could not repay?

Have I smuggled anything on which I ought to pay duty ?

Have I given alms according to my ability ?

Have I robbed others of any advantage by evil report? Have I fudged accounts or returns ?

Ninth Commandment. Have I told a lie, even in fun ? confessed to God, and we may hope forgiven, should not be again dwelt on. It is a temptation to be carefully avoided.

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