Have I told more or less than the truth?

Have I told a lie to screen others ? Have I acted a lie ?

Have I spoken contemptuously of superiors or messmates?

Am I fond of talking of others' faults ?

Have I attributed wrong motives to others or judged others hastily?

Have I broken my word or told a secret confided to me?

Have I abused or ridiculed others maliciously?

Tenth Commandment. Have I wished for things or talents which God has not given me ?

Have I been jealous of another's promotion ?

Have I been dissatisfied with my lot in life?

Have I been discontented with the duty allotted to me?

Have I wished for the praise of men ?

Have I desired greater ease or enjoyment without earning it?

Do I gamble ?

What are my habits with regard to betting?

(3) Another plan is for him to think of those sins which most easily beset him. Then let him take these one by one, and see if he has committed them that day, and how? and when ? and where? and with whom? These thoughts will bring other sins to his recollection which he will note.

One word in conclusion. It is not necessary, or even desirable to write these sins down on paper. “The heart knoweth its own bitterness," and there are very plain reasons why it would be unwise to make any written records of one's short comings. It will suffice if, like wise mariners, we examine the frail vessel in which we have to navigate life's ocean, and see wherein she is defective through the assaults of the enemy; and the inexperience or treachery of those who have the charge of her.


The Sailor's Life of Sacrifice.

HOLY COMMUNION. If there be one command of JESUS CHRIST more plain spoken than another, it is “ This do in remembrance of Me." If there is one duty which the seaman neglects more habitually than another, it is that of receiving the Holy Communion of CHRIST'S Body and Blood.

Ignorance, want of Courage, and Prejudice, are the three principal causes which keep away the godfearing seamen from the table of the LORD in the present day. The first is gradually being removed. It is one object of this little book to remove the ignorance which prevails upon the nature of the Holy Communion. But who can supply courage to the timid soul? He only who gave Timothy courage to make “a good profession before many witnesses." Let not the Sailor, however, over-rate the difficulties which he thinks will beset him when he comes to Holy Communion. Of inward difficulties and struggles against his sins we will not now speak. Outwardly he fears the ridicule of his messmates and topmates. Against this there is no remedy but prayer for a brave and single heart. The thought of all that Jesus suffered to obtain redemption for man, will often stir us up to a little courage, and help us to suffer a little for His Name's sake. Again, he fears misrepresentation. He will be told he goes “aft” to be “seen of men ”—to get into the officers' good books-to obtain a rate, or some worldly advantage. If these things are false let him not be unfaithful to his Lord and Master, because he is afraid to shew his shipmates they are false, by a steady “continuance in well doing.” The hypocrite may well be kept from coming to Holy Communion a second time by the persecution and chaff-which is deserved in

his case ; but not the humble minded man who wishes truly to turn over a new leaf, and to begin a life of duty to his Redeemer. Lastly, there is much Prejudice against receiving Holy Communion on board ship-owing chiefly to the manner and rarity of its celebration. Let the Seaman reflect that the Chaplain will make the best arrangements that he can, and then let him simply obey his Saviour's command; whether it be in the Captain's forecabin, or on deck before all hands. He must not say he will wait until he goes on leave, or gets his discharge ; such an answer is an insult to Almighty GOD. And what if he should never live to receive Holy Communion ashore ? Let him think of this as he reads John vi. 53. SHORT INSTRUCTION ON HOLY

COMMUNION. Holy Communion has two objectsthe first is the forgiveness of your sins; the second, the strengthening of your soul by the Body and Blood of CHRIST. I will try to explain these.

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