at Thy call I come, unworthy as I am of the least of Thy mercies. Sick, I come to the Physician of Life; unclean, to the Fountain of Mercy; poor and needy, to the Lord of heaven and earth; humbly beseeching Thee of Thy goodness to heal my sickness, to wash away my defilements, to enrich my poverty, to clothe my nakedness, that so I may receive Thee with true faith and humility, with love and thankfulness ; and that this Holy Communion may be unto me the remission of sin, and the preservation of soul and body unto eternal life. Amen.

Follow carefully the Service in your Prayer Book ; referring to this Book only during the long pause, when others are communicating. At such times you can turn back to the prayers between pages 68 and 75, and offer such portions of them as time permits ; or say the Hymn, “Rock of Ages," or others for Holy Communion. As much as possible, be ever “ looking unto JESUS, the Author and the Finisher,” the “High Priest over the Church of GOD.", the memorial of whose death you are celebrating.

Before going up to the Lord's Table,

say : Like as the hart desireth the water brooks, so longeth my soul after Thee, O GOD.

My soul is athirst for GOD, yea, even for the living GOD.

LORD, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst come under the roof of my


O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world,

Grant me Thy peace. O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world,

Have mercy upon me.

Before Communicating in either

kind, say: • What reward shall I give unto the LORD, for all the benefits that He hath done unto me?

I will receive the Bread of Heaven :
I will receive the Cup of Salvation :

I will call upon the Name of the LORD.”

After Reception. Blessed be Thou, O LORD, who hast vouchsafed to feed me with Thy most precious Body and Blood.

Abide with me, O LORD JESU, now and evermore. Amen.

Returning to your place, say : I adore Thee, O my God, and glorify Thy Holy Name.

Thou art my REDEMEER, my KING, iny GOD;

Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and there is none upon earth, that I desire in comparison with Thee.

Praised be the LORD, daily ; even the God who helpeth us and poureth His benefits upon us.

May Thy love, O LORD, entirely possess my soul, that I may evermore give myself to Thy Service!

If time permit, repeat Psalm xxiii. or Psalm cxxxviii. Join heartily in the Hymn which concludes the Service, “Glory be to God on high,” and which formed a part of the earliest Christian Vorship.

After the Blessing, say : O GOD, the Father of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, I thank Thee that Thou hast permitted me to partake of this Heavenly Feast.

O purify my heart ; and do Thou keep me, guide me, strengthen me, subdue me : preserve me from the enemy, and in Thy mercy be pleased to dwell in me evermore.

O make me to be numbered with Thy Saints in glory everlasting ; through our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

Blessed JESUS, the Good Shepherd, who didst lay down Thy life for the sheep, and dost feed them with Thine own Body and Blood, I thank Thee for Thy Mercy, who hast permitted me to join in celebrating this memorial of Thy death, and to partake of this Heavenly Food. LORD, suffer me no more to wander from Thee ; but guide my steps in the way of Thy commandments. Give me strength to fulfil my duties faithfully. Make me a good soldier of Thy Cross; and grant that,

stedfastly cleaving to Thee by love and obedience, I may hereafter behold Thy face in glory. Amen.

And now take all possible care not to lose the blessing you have received, by entering into temptation. Go about your ordinary work in your ordinary way, and let no one notice anything in your manner, unless it be that your work is done better and more cheerfully. But with the time that you have to yourself be very careful. If, for example, you are going ashore, see with whom you go, and where you go. Remember that the great enemy of souls is now more anxious than ever to take from you the seed sown. Say as little as is necessary in your mess, and if anything is said to you about what you have been doing, either make no reply, or give that “soft answer" which “ turneth away wrath.” Occupy some of your spare time in the afternoon and evening in reading the following prayers and meditations.

O LORD JESU, the Strength of our life, who givest us richly all things to enjoy : I heartily thank Thee,

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