Iuniverse Inc, 1. jul. 2005 - 128 sider
In this difficult world, we often travel a bumpy road in our quest for happiness. Author Youssef Tawfik shares the wonder of God's love and how it can impact your life. Let "Fear Not" show you the path to finding God, and infuse your soul with hope. "We are so quick to say that we love God or we are in good terms with God, or we pray or read the "Bible" everyday. We need to remind ourselves that God pays attention to everything we do. Do we really treat God the way we should? Are we true Christians? To make the picture a little closer, imagine you ask your son to get you a glass of water, so he brings it for you and slams it on the table spilling almost all of the water on the floor. Isn't this the same like volunteering with a bad attitude to help the needy, or daydreaming during the prayer or the service, or saying the service prayers or the songs without feeling the words, wasting all the time that we offer to God?"

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