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The Mode of Citation of the Volumes of the Law Reports, commencing January 2,

1905, will be as follows:–
In the First Series,
[1905] 1 Ch. [1905] 2 Ch.

In the Second Series,
[1905] 1 K. B. [1905] 2 K. B. [1905] P.

In the Third Series,
[1905] A. C.



A. page Bell, Alianza Company v.
Abrahams & Co. v. Dunlop - (C. A.)
Pneumatic Tyre Company Bermondsey Guardians, Fitch
(C. A.) 46 Q). (C. A.)
Alianza Company v. Bell Blue Star Line, McFadden v.
(C. A.) 184 Blundell v. Rex
Ambler v. Gordon 417 Boston Fruit Company v.
Anglo-Austrian Bank, Embi- British and Foreign Marine
ricos v. (C.A.) 677 Insurance Company (C.A.)
Ash v. Nicholl 139 Bosworth , and Gravesend
Atkinson, Castle Spinning Corporation, In re
Company v. (C. A.) 336 Bow v. Hart (C. A.)

Attorney-General v. Londes- Bridgwater, Rex v. (C. C. R.) borough (Earl) (C. A.) 98 British and Foreign Marine

Aylesbury Dairy Company, Insurance Company, Boston
Frost v. (C. A.) 608 Fruit Company v. (C. A.)
Aylward v. Matthews (C. A.) 343 Button, In re. Ex parte
Voss (C. A.)

B. C.
Bailey, Cheshire v. (C. A.) 237 Carter & Ellis, In re. Ex
Balby-with-Hexthorpe Urban | parte Savill Brothers (C.A.)

Council, Millard v. (C. A.) 60 | Castle Spinning Company v. Barratt v. Kearns (C. A.) 504 || Atkinson (C. A.)

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Charlesworth, Hermann v.

———, Watson v.

(C. A.)

Chepstow Electric Light and
Power Company v. Chep-
stow Gas and Coke Con-
sumers' Company
Chepstow Gas and Coke Con-
sumers' Company, Chep-
stow Electric Light and
Power Company v.
Cheshire v. Bailey (C. A.)
Christchurch Guardians, Im-
perial and Grand Hotels
Company v.

Civil Service Supply Associa-

tion, Lewin v. (C. A.)

Clerk of the County Council

of Surrey, Reeve v.

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24 Dresel v. Ellis (C. A.) 574

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Com-

74 pany, Abrahams & Co. v.

(C. A.) 46
* Earl v. Lubbock (C.A.) 253
Eastgate, In re. Ex parte
Ward 465
198 Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron, and
... Coal Company, Simpson v.
(C. A.) 453
Eccles Corporation, Thomp-
89 SOn Q). (C. A.) 110
Ellinger & Co. v. Mutual Life

669 Insurance Company of New

York (C. A.) 31

489 Ellis, Ex parte. Rex v.
Kettle 212

439 , Dresel v. (C. A.) 574
—— v. Joseph Ellis & Co.

(C. A.) 324

—, Yorkshire (Woollen Dis-

trict) Electric Tramways v. 396

gig Embiricos v. Anglo-Austrian
139 Bank (C. A.) 677
End, Lewin v. (C. A.) 669
Evans v. Cook. Lancashire

and Yorkshire Accident In-

§ surance Company (Third

501 Parties) (C. A.) 53


Fanshawe, In re. Ex parte

615 Le Marchant 170

| Finck v. Tranter 427

Fitch v. Bermondsey Guar-

260 dians (C. A.) 524

FitzGeorge, In re. Ex parte

331 Robson 462

Flew, In re. Ex parte Flew

374 (C. A.) 278

Folkestone Corporation, Kent

562 County Council v. (C. A.) 620

Forster & Co., Spencer, What-

346 ley & Underhill v. 434

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