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WHEN a representative assembly of divines authorize a publication, they become, in some degree, responsible for the tendency of its contents; and the man who has accepted an appointment under such authority, is bound by every tie of honor and honesty to promote the good intentions of his constituents. It by no means follows, that the whole body is accountable for every idea admitted to the pages of the Magazine, or that the editor of a pe. riodical must himself subscribe to the truth of every opinion or article of current intelligence presented for the consideration of the reading public, in the vehicle he is known to conduct, or to have under his control. It behooves him indeed to be careful of the matter provided for the entertainment of the community. It is unsafe to scatter poison were it even with design to show the antidote: for there is a mutual confidence between patrons and agents, which, governed by moral principles, can neither apologize for incongruities, nor prove hostile to liberal discussion. In all cases of trust in society, discretion is required in the selection of proper agents; but every true man, who holds an appointment, will sooner resolve to abandon his ministry than contravene the instructions, whether tacit or explicit, under which it has been under

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