'2. Why art thou loth, my heart? Oh why
Do'st thus recoil within my breast?
Grieve not, but say farewell, and fly
Unto the ark, my dove! there's rest.

13. I come, my Lord, a pilgrim's pace;
Weary, and weak, I slowly move;
Longing, but yet can't reach the place,
The gladsome place of rest above.

'4. I come, my Lord; the floods here rise;

These troubled seas foam nought but mire; My dove back to my bosom flies:

Farewell, poor world, heav'n 's my desire.

'5. Stay, stay, said Earth; whither, fond one?

Here's a fair world, what would'st thou have?
Fair world? Oh ! no, thy beauty's gone,
An heav'nly Canaan, Lord, I crave.

'6. Thus ancient travellers, thus they
Weary of earth, sigh'd after thee.
They 're gone before, I may not stay,
'lill I both thee and them may see.

'7- Put on, my soul, put on with speed;

Though th' way be long, the end is sweet.
Once more, poor world, farewell indeed;
In leaving thee, my Lord I meet.

'HEAVEN. * " When shall I come and appear before God?" Pa. xlii. 2.


* 1. Sweet place; sweet place alone!

The court of God most high,
The heav'n of heaven's throne,
Of spotless majesty!

Oh happy place!
When shall I be
My God, with Thee,
To sec Thy face?

* 2. The stranger homeward bends,

And fighteth for his rest;
Heav'n is my home; my friends
Lodge there in Abraham's breast.

Oh happy place, &c

K K'

'3. Earth 's but a gorry tent,

Pitch'd for a few frail days;
A short-leased tenement.

Heav'n 's still my song, my praise.

Oh happy place, &c.

'4. No tears from any eyes

Drop in that holy Quire:
But Death itself there dies,
And sighs themselves expire.

Oh happy place, &c.

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There should temptation cease;

My frailties there should end;
There should I rest in peace,

In the arms of my best Friend.

Oh happy place, &c.


'1. Jerusalem on high

My song and city is:
My home whene'er I die;
The centre of my bliss.

Oh happy place, &c.

'2. Thy walls, sweet city! thine
With pearls are garnished;
Thy gates with praises shine,
Thy streets with gold are spread.

Oh happy place, &c.

'3. No sun by day shines there:
No moon by silent night.
Oh, no, these needless are;
The Lamb's the City's Light.

Oh happy place, &c.

'4. There dwells my Lord, my King,
Judg'd here unfit to live;
There angels to him sing
And lovely" homage give.

Oh happy place, &c.

'5. The patriarchs of old

There from their travels cease:
The prophets there behold

Their long'd for Prince of Peace.

Oh happy place, &c

'6. The Lamb's apostles there
I might with joy behold;
The harpers I might hear
Harping on harps of gold.

Oh happy place, &c. '7- The bleeding martyrs they

Within these courts are found;
Clothed in pure array,

Their scars with glorv crown'd.

Oh happy place, &c.

'8. Ah me! ah me! that I

In Kedar's tents here stay:
No place like this on high,
Thither, Lord, guide my way.

Oh happy place, &c.'

T. Russell. Walworth, 12/A February, 1833.


In a few days, with Engravings, Tables of the Weight of square, round, and flat Wrought-Iron, from the smallest to the largest size ever used; with a Series of Valuable Experiments on the strength of Coal-Iron, and a number of useful Rules and Tables. By J. O. York, Civil Engineer.

In a few days will be published, a new edition of The Oenuine Epistles of the Apostolic Fathers, translated by Archbishop Woke.

On the 10th of March will be published, a miniature edition of Cruden's Concordance, the size 4 by 2 inches, to correspond to the Polymicrian editions of the New Testament, and Schmidt's Greek Concordance.

The Life and Travels of the Apostle Paul, illustrated by a Map, will appear in the course of next month ; and judging from the superior talent of the Author, must prove a valuable accession to the library of the Christian.

The Fifth Part of the Byron Gallery is now ready, and contains five splendid plates from Childe Harold, Lara, Don Juan, and Marino I'aliero; beautifully engraved by Wm. Finden, ('ins. Rolls, Staines, Chevalier, and Bacon, from original Paintings by Wcstall, Richter, Jones, and E. T. Parris. The Sixth Part, which completes this elegant Series of Illustrations to Byron's Works, will be published next month.

Dr. Dymock, «f the Grammar School of Glasgow, Editor of Caesar, Ovid, aad Sallust, with Notes and Indices, Historical, Geographical, and Mythological, is about to publish a work, entitled Bibhotheca. Classica, or a Classical Dictionary for the use of Schools.

This work has been the labour of many years ; and if the Author has executed his intention, it will be found to lessen the labour both of teacher and scholar.

The promised Series of Illustrations to Prinsep's Journal of a Voyage from Calcutta to Van Diemen's Land, are now in preparation, and will appear next month: the whole will be beautifully finished after the original drawings.

The Third Volume of the New Monthly Series of Original Works of Fiction, the Library of Romance, entitled, Waltham, a Novel, is now ready. The next Volume of the Series will be from the pen of Mr. Gait.

The Tropical Agriculturist, illustrated with botanical Plates, will be ready in a few days, and will contain a Practical Treatise on the Cultivation and Management of Productions suitable to Tropical Climates, including Products of the East and West Indies, by G. R. Porter, Esq.

This work will be of the greatest importance to all connected with our various colonies.

The Sixth Number of the Parent's Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction is now ready, and contains—Casimir and Julia;—Uncle John in Canada;—Carrier and Wild Pigeons.

A valuable work is just completed, in one volume, 12mo., entitled, The Christian's Manual, or the Bible its own Interpreter; to which are added, a Brief Account of the several Books and Writers of the Old and New Testament, and remarks upon the Apocrypha.

Capt. Head's Overland Journey from India is now ready for publication, in large folio, with elegant Plates illustrative of Indian, Arabian, and Egyptian Scenery, and accompanied with accurate Plans and Maps. This work will not only form a complete and highly interesting Guide-Book to the traveller from Bombay to Alexandria, but will gratify the Merchant and the Politician by showing the practicability and expediency of having, by the Red Sea, a steam communication with our Eastern possessions, and the consequent means of defending them from Russian Invasion, to which they are at present exposed.

There is a New Edition now ready, of the singular Pamphlet which appeared some time ago, entitled, A Call to Women on the Subject of the National Debt. We find that the plan there proposed for the Ladies to pay off our Debt is now patronised by Government, books having been opened at the.National Debt Office to receive Donations, &c., under the title of—" The Ladies' Contribution for the Gradual Reduction of a part of the National Debt."

On the 20th of March will be published, in one volume, The Americans. By an American in London.

In a few days .will be published, Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of the Rev. William Lavers, late of Honiton. By J. S. Elliott, with Portrait.

In the press, Lives of English Female Worthies. By Mrs. John Sandford. 12mo. Vol. I. Containing Lady Jane Grey, Mrs. Colonel Hutchinson, and Lady Rachacl Russell.

In the press, History of the Reformation. By J. A. Roebuck, Esq. M.P.

In the press, Dictionary of Practical Medicine. By James Copland, M.D., &c. 8vo. Part II. Just ready.

Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. By A. T. Thomson, M.D., &c. 8vo. Vol. II. Just ready.

In the press, Introduction to Geology, By Robert Bakcwell. 8vo. 4th Edition, greatly enlarged, with numerous Plates and Cuts.

In the press, Geology of the South-East of England. By G. Mantell, Esq. F.R.S. L.S. G.S., &c. 8vo. With Plates.

Preparing for publication, by the Editors of the Congregational Magazine, a work on Congregationalism; to contain a sketch of its history; an exposition and analysis of its principles: a comparative view of its advantages and disadvantages; a candid discussion of the modifications of which it may be thought susceptible; a full account of the ecclesiastical usages of the Congregationalists; with an Appendix, containing statistical and financial tables in illustration of the former part of the work, and a careful reprint of all the most valuable but scarce documents connected with the history of the Congregationalists.

In the press, Mary of Burgundy; or, the Revolt of Ghent. By the Author of " Richelieu ", " Henry Masterton ", &c. 3 Vols. post 8vo.

In the press, Lyrics of the Heart: with other Poems. By Alaric A. Watts. Post 8vo. With Thirty-five highly finished Line Engravings.

In a few days, A Letter of Reply to Johnes' Essay on the Causes which have produced Dissent in the Principality of Wales, which obtained the Royal Medal in 1831.

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