This day is published, 12mo., 4s. 6d. cloth, The VISITOR of the POOR, designed to aid in the Formation and Working of Provident and other Kindred Societies. Translated from the French of the Baron de Gerando, with an Introduction by the Rev. J. Tuckerman, D.D. of Boston, United States.

London : Simpkin and Marshall.

On August 31, will be published, in Demy 8vo., Vol. III.

(being the Last) of The LIFE of the Late Dr. ADAM CLARKE; (from Original Papers). By a Member of his Family.

*.* This Volume will contain a full length Portrait exhibiting a very expressive likeness of the late Dr. A. Clarke ; and also a Woodcut Engraving, copied from the interesting Picture of Dr. Clarke, and the two Budhist Priests, his Pupils.

T. S. Clarke, 45, St. John Square. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationer's Hall Court.

SCENES IN SCOTLAND. Second edition, printed in duodecimo, embellished with 50 Engravings,

price 5s. in boards, SCENES IN SCOTLAND, with Sketches and Illustrations, Historical, Biographical, and Literary. By James Harris Brown.

Glasgow : Printed for R. Griffin and Co., and T. T. and J. Tegg, Cheapside, London.

Where may be had,
SCENES IN NORTH WALES, price 4s. 6d. in boards.


This day is published, price 5s., The FOURTH VOLUME of the BIBLICAL CABINET ; containing, Ernesti's Principles of Interpretation, Vol. II., translated by the Rev. C. H. Terrot, A.M., with copious Notes and Illustrations by the Translator.

Clark, Edinburgh; Rivingtons, London ; Curry, Dublin.


On the 1st of August was published, in Demy 8vo., printed entirely

with Type cast expressly for the Work, the 2d Number of a New English Version of the Great Work of Cuvier-" Le Regne Animal,or

“ THE ANIMAL KINGDOM.” This illustrious Naturalist, shortly before his decease, put forth a final Edition of his Animal Kingdom, and in so altered and improved a form as to give it a completely new character. This publication, consequently, has had the effect of superseding the old Edition, together with all the Translations made from that Edition, including the large Work published under the superintendence of Dr. Griffiths.

Considering the necessity which, under these circumstances, exists, for giving to the British public, in its latest and most improved shape, one of the noblest productions of the modern Aristotle of Science; considering also the vast diffusion throughout this empire of a taste for Natural History, the Publisher has not hesitated to offer to the Public an illustrated Version of the last Edition of the Animal Kingdom, on terms unprecedented for cheapness in proportion to the value of the publicationi.

The Work will consist of 36 numbers; each will be sold at ONE SHILLING; it will appear uninterruptedly on the 1st of every succeeding month, and the contents will be Letter Press and Plates. The Letter Press will be an exact and close translation of the original, and will furnish not only the definite meaning, but also the spirit of the text. In addition to this, a series of notes will be subjoined, in which each branch of the general science will be carried up to the present state of knowledge.

The Plates, which constitute the most important source of expense, will amount to no fewer than Five Hundreil; they will be engraved on steel, and coloured in the most beautiful manner, in conformity with the great object of illustrating, according to nature, those characteristics of animals which depend on colour.

The advantages of this new Work will at once be demonstrated, when it is stated, that, for the sum of thirty-six shillings, the Version of a celebrated standard Work, richly illustrated, will be obtained, which, in the original, with its plates, costs more than thirtysir pounds!

On the 1st of August was published, price 2s. 6d., Vol. I. of THE ENCYCLOPÆDIA OF ROMANCE; Consisting of Original Novels, Romances, and Tales, Conducted by the Rev. HENRY MartinEAU.

Published, on the 1st of every month, price 1s., The MAGAZINE of BOTANY and GARDENING, British and Foreign, Edited by J. RENNIE, M.A., Professor of Natural History, King's College, London; assisted by some of the most eminent Botanists in Europe.

Each Number will contain Eight Plates of the most rare and valuable Specimens of Plants, executed by an eminent Artist, and coloured from Nature. Also, Sixteen Quarto Pages of Original Matter, consisting of valuable Articles by Professor Rennie, Colonel Capper, Mrs. Marcet, Professor Burnett, Sir William Jardine, James Monro, M. Adolphe Brongniart, W. Moorcroft, Esq., Mr. George Don, Mr. Jesse, the Rer. John Fleming, M. Bremontier, Mr. Doyle, &c. &c. &c.


Price 18., The MOTHER'S ORACLE, for the Health and Proper Rearing of Infancy.

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