The Mabinogion: From the Welsh of the Llyfr Coch O Hergest (The Red Book of Hergest) in the Library of Jesus College, Oxford

Bernard Quaritch, 1877 - 504 sider

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Side 482 - I was with my Lord in the highest sphere, On the fall of Lucifer into the depth of hell: I have borne a banner before Alexander; I know the names of the stars from north to south...
Side 219 - ... swifter than the fall of the dewdrop from the blade of reed-grass upon the earth when the de-w of June is at the heaviest.
Side 63 - And by his side a naked swerd hanging: And up he rideth to the highe bord. In all the halle ne was ther spoke a word, For mervaille of this knight; him to behold Ful besily they waiten yong and old.
Side 241 - It will be easy for me to compass this, although thou mayest think it will not be easy.
Side 155 - And thereupon we encountered each other, and he left me, lady, as thou seest." "Sir," said she, "when thinkest thou that Geraint will be here?" "To-morrow, lady, I think he will be here with the maiden." Then Arthur came to him ; and he saluted Arthur. And Arthur gazed a long time upon him, and was amazed to see him thus. And, thinking that he knew him, he inquired of him, " Art thou Edeyrn the son of Nudd ? " "I am, lord," said he, "and I have met with much trouble, and received wounds insupportable."...
Side 407 - I will not let it go free, by Heaven," said he, " I caught it robbing me, and the doom of a thief will I inflict upon it, and I will hang it." " Lord," said he, " rather than see a man of rank equal to thine at such a work as this, I would give thee a pound which I have received as alms, to let the reptile go forth free.
Side 426 - So they took the blossoms of the oak, and the blossoms of the broom, and the blossoms of the meadow-sweet, and produced from them a maiden, the fairest and most graceful that man ever saw. And they baptized her, and gave her the name of Flower-Aspect.
Side 209 - Suger, however, a century before, had adorned his great work, the Abbey of St. Denis, with windows, not only glazed but painted; and, I presume that other churches of the same class, both in France and England, especially after the lancet-shaped window had yielded to one of ampler dimensions, were generally decorated in a similar manner. Yet glass is said not to have been employed 136 HOUSES ETC.
Side 346 - And the next day they amused themselves until it was time to go to meat. And when meat was ended, Pwyll said, " Where are the hosts that went yesterday and the day before to the top of the mound?" "Behold, Lord, we are here," said they. "Let us go," said he, "to the mound, to sit there. And do thou," said he to the page who tended his horse, " saddle my horse well, and hasten with him to the road, and bring also my spurs with thee." And the youth did thus. And they went and sat upon the mound ; and...
Side 245 - I will give thee my prisoner, though I had not thought to give him up to any one; and therewith shalt thou have my support and my aid." His followers said unto Arthur, "Lord, go thou home, thou canst not proceed with thy host in quest of such small adventures as these.

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