Publications, Volum 18

Royal Asiatic Society, 1908

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Side 24 - I am (like) a season, and the child of the seasons, sprung from the womb of endless space, from the light (from the luminous Brahman). The light, the origin of the year, which is the past, which is the present, which is all living things, and all elements, is the Self3. Thou art the Self. What thou art, that am I.
Side 27 - As long as a man speaks, so long he cannot breathe, then he offers the breath in the speech ; as long. as a man breathes, so long he cannot speak, then he offers the speech in the breath. These are the two never-ending immortal oblations,; waking and sleeping, he continually offers them. All other oblations have an end and possess the nature of works. The ancients, knowing this true sacrifice, did not use to offer the Agnihotra. (5.)
Side 40 - For verily all people run away, saying, "Janaka (the king of Mithila), is our father (patron).
Side 29 - Having muttered these three Rik verses, he says: 'Do not increase by our breath (Prana), by our offspring, by our cattle; he who hates us and whom we hate, increase by his breath, by his offspring, by his cattle. Thus I turn the turn of the god, I return the turn of Aditya.
Side 29 - Fire is one of thy mouths; with that mouth thou eatest this world; make me an eater of food by that mouth! In thee there is the fifth mouth; with that mouth thou eatest all beings; make me an eater of food by that mouth! Do not decrease by...
Side 60 - WE crave of Savitar the God this treasure much to be enjoyed. The best, all-yielding, conquering gift of Bhaga we would gladly win.
Side 52 - Sages have traced the cause that first produced them, dwelling in distant and mysterious chambers. 3 The Youthful One, well-shaped, with four locks braided, brightened with oil, puts on the ordinances. Two Birds of mighty power are seated near her, there where the Deities receive their portion. 4 One of these Birds hath passed into the sea of air : thence he looks round and views this universal world. With simple heart I have beheld him from anear : his Mother kisses him and he returns her kiss....
Side 49 - If another man should chide him who says the Ubhayamantarewa, let him say to him : ' Thou hast offended the sky, the deity; the sky, the deity, will strike thee.' 7. And whatever the reciter shall say to one who speaks to him or does not speak to him, depend upon it, it will come to pass.
Side 57 - Looking upon the loftier light above the darkness we have come To Surya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent.
Side 23 - He arrives at the lake of enemies. He crosses it by his mind. Men who know but the present, on coming to it, are overwhelmed. He arrives at the moments which destroy the sacrifice. They flee from him. He arrives at the unaging river. He crosses it by his mind alone. His good deeds and...

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