that he would return; but the simple whist; and as our tutor always read creature mourned as for a treasure prayers, and saw us into our bedwhich was gone for ever. The follow- rooms at nine, the remainder of the ing day I had him placed, unknown evening, till eleven, was generally to her, at the door ; and when I spent over a rubber. It soon occurcalled in the afternoon, I found her red to my fertile imagination, that, in raptures; the lost jewel was found, as we could not go to sleep at nine and her joys were extatic! To pre- o'clock, our time might be much vent her, however, from expiring in better employed in the street, than bliss, I found means, before I left in our rooms, or in bed. With some the house, to let my knife fall, by difficulty I prevailed upon the other accident, of course, upon the glass three to accompany me in an evenglobe which held her gold fishes, ing's excursion. We walked down and cracked it nearly in two parts. the stairs, the first time, with fear What a misfortune! what must she and trembling, with our shoes in our do! she was again in tears—her fish- hands, slipt out at the door leading es would die, and her husband would into the garden, and from thence we be so vexed! I also affected to be easily escaped into the street. My sorry, hoped she would not lose companions were sadly afraid of bethem, and blamed my carelessness ing detected ; so we only indulged with so good a grace, that she believ. in a short walk, purchased a little ed me to be in earnest. I now left fruit and some tarts, and then hurriher to fret and fume alone, and out ed home. We all, however, soon beof respect to her feelings, I disconti. came bolder, and sometimes did not nued my visits altogether.

return before ten. One night we were Having arrived at the age of fifteen, caught, just entering, by Robert the my father was persuaded, by a friend, footman, who inquired where we to send me from home to finish my had been, and why we were out of education, and to give me an oppor our rooms? I informed him that I tunity of seeing something of life,' had taken ill, and was obliged to go as it exists in, or near London ; be- down into the garden, and that as I cause, as I was to be a merchant, it did not like to go alone, the other would be necessary, in two or three young gentlemen had been kind eyears, to place me at a desk in the nough to accompany me. One mornoffice, and to introduce me on the ing, as I was walking in the garden, walks of the Exchange. I smiled when it happened that a rat-catcher was my mother told me that it was their passing by with some rats in a cage : intention to place me under the Rev. I gave him half-a-crown for the Dr Plumtree, who was a profound largest in his possession, which was classic, resided near London, re- indeed a rat of a noble size, and I tied ceived only four young gentlemen him up in my pocket-handkerchief, into his house at one time, for which and no one knew any thing about the he charged only the moderate sum of matter, or the purchase I had made. two hundred and fifty pounds a-year I placed him behind my back, under each, and which, according to agree my coat, and when we had just enment, was to cover all expenses, and tered on our lesson, and every one every one was to be treated just as if was engaged, I undid the knot, and he were one of the family. The down fell the rat, and began to first half-year I made a considerable scamper about at a great rate. "A progress in the higher classics, but rat !" they all exclaimed ; and bethe old gentleman's sight began to fore the Doctor had time to rise, the fail him, and my next half-year was animal, in a fright, leaped upon the not quite so profitably spent. My table, and running across his book, desire for mischief had not been en- brushed against his spectacles, and tirely extinguished ; it lay some- put him into a terrible panic. The thing like a spark among wet litter, doors were all closed, and there was ready to burst out whenever any fa- no way for the poor beast to escape, vourable wind might chance to blow. except he could climb the chimney, Two old cronies, of nearly the same and there was a fire in the grate. standing as the Doctor and his maid. Robert was quickly summoned with en sister, came every night to play at the terrier dog; and though my rat was as brave a rat as ever breathed, This request I qualified by having and showed much game, he was had my best hat stolen at a ball; my obliged to give in to superior force, great-coat had also been run away and was, after much hard fighting, with, and my best coat was too shab. fairly worried in one corner of the by to appear in at a grand party to room. The old gentleman's nerves which I was invited the ensuing were so agitated, on this occasion, week. The money came ; for wbat that he was obliged to retire, and he will not a fond mother do for a dar. did not resume his duties for nearly ling absent boy ! her motherly affeca fortnight, during all which time tion, her love, are called into action; we had holidays, and had liberty to and are, in such cases, up in arms, take pleasant walks to the neigh- and far more than a match for her bouring villages, when I had an duty. In this way, boys are some. opportunity of throwing some of times ruined. Of all this, and of the gates open, by which means the my private expenses, my poor father cattle grazing in the lanes bad the was as ignorant as the Caliph of power of regaling themselves in the Bagdad. adjoining corn-fields.

It was now summer; the Doctor At one time I had the misfortune relapsed in his discipline, and we had to be observed by a farmer in the permission to walk in the evenings, very act of setting his gate open, for the good of our health. This when he inquired what I was going was a glorious privilege, for we to do? I made no answer, but gave

sometimes set out at five; and from him a look of the most imperturbable five o'clock to eleven is six hours. impudence. “My lad," said he, We now often hired gigs, and drove I plainly perceive that thou art to London and back, which was a one of those cumber-grounds, who very pleasant manner of spending often despise better people than them the evening, and an excellent method selves ; thou hast been badly tutored, of getting rid of our money. On better fed than taught; but for once our return, one evening, we had some l'u endeavour to teach thee better fun with a little Jew. The poor manners. Bite him, Jowler !” said Levite was trudging along the dusty be, and he sent his great rough dog road by the side of a deep ditch, Jowler after me. The dog tore off the about five feet broad. I drove up skirt of my coat, bit me sorely in seve. to him, and forced him to the brink, ral places, and frightened me till I when he bawled out, “ Mine Got, trembled and shook like a person in Sir, vill you kill me? take care, for an ague fit.

I vill shoot you, or I vill shoot your About this time the players paid horse." I still pressed him, and he us a visit, and obtained permis- was in a great rage. “You be von sion to act five nights each week, great big rashcal," said he ; “ you for two months, in the large room at

vill be hanged for my murder." the Red-Lion Inn, which had been “ Leap! Mosey," said 1 ; « leap, fitted up for the purpose. Twice a- man !” But he screamed aloud, week we had leave to attend the ca. “You are a villain! I cannot leap! ricatured representations of this band and I shall be drowned." I forced of strolling Thespians; but as we had him to leap, but his feet stuck in the all of us seen better performers, as mud on the otber side, and he fell soon as the novelty of the thing had backwards into the ditch; the weight a little subsided, instead of attending of his box held him down, and he the theatre, we ordered a supper at could not get out; of course, with. one of the hotels, drank wine, and out some aid he must have been thus enjoyed what we thought more drowned. I immediately jumped substantial pleasures. As these pranks out of the gig, and assisted in drag: became very frequent, our money ging the poor wretch out of the mire. vanished with great rapidity; the As soon he was on his legs again, twenty pounds with which I had I threw him down a shilling, which been supplied for my half-yearly he very quickly kicked into the pocket expenses was all gone, and í ditch, and before I had time to make was obliged to apply to my mother good my retreat, he gave me a blow for another sum to the same ainount. on my face, that made my jaws

rattle, and I was nearly stunned; I to do your duty.” “You are an
thought it would be best, however, impudent fellow, and I have done
to pocket the affront, and we drove with you.” « Pardon me, Sir,"
off at full speed, leaving the poor said the Jew," but I have not done
Israelite to follow at his leisure. The mit you; a constable is now at the
next morning he waited on Dr Plum door, mit four varrants for your four
tree ; “ I am, Sir," said he, “a poor hopeful young gentlemen, to take
priest of the dispersed house of Israel, dem before de magistrate, for an
my name is Shamvel Moshish, and assault made on me last night; mit
I vud shpeak mit you." " And your leave I vill ashk him to come
what may be your business with me, in." This information altered our
Sir ?" replied the Doctor. The Jew tutor's haughty look, and lowered
told him that he had been injured, the tone of his voice at least one
both in his person and property, by octave. He now told Mosey, that if
some young men who lived in his injury had been done, reparation
house." And what,” said the Doctor should be made. “ Dat ish vell,"
in a very pompous manner, “have said the Jew, “and dat ish all I
I to do with that? “ Only to hear, vant; pay me forty pound, and all
Sir," said Mosey,“ vat I have got to vill be shettled in a minute." The
shay." “ Then be brief, Sir, for I Doctor's colour flushed his fat cheeks;
very much dislike to have my time we looked wistfully at each other;
appointed for instruction intruded but the money was paid, and the
upon.” “I dare shay, Sir, just as Levite, bowing with a supercilious
much as I dislike to be trown in a , air, left us to finish our lessons, and
ditch, by a pack of scoundrels.” “I proceeded on his way.
shall not allow you, or any other per- The Reverend Doctor was greatly
son, to call my young gentlemen scoun- vexed, but the matter was hushed;
drels, so pray go about your busi- and as every thing in this transient
Dess." "My bishness, Doctor ! I state has an end, the termination of
am now about my bishness; my bish- this half year terminated my juve-
ness is mit you, and I sal tank you nile amusements.



THE DEATH OF CARDINAL CRESCENTIO; A DRAMATIC SKETCH. (Cardinal Crescentio died at Verona in the sixteenth century. The story is to be found in Sleidan's Commentaries, III. c. 23.] SCENE I.-A Banquet-Hall.

Cardinal-( aside.) Damned fiend, Cardinal. Now fill a goblet to me, Why turn thy sullen eyes on me alone ? jolly god,

Begone, scare some one else. Away ! dost
The great Lyaeus. Let the censers pour
Their thousand, thousand odours. Fill,

That I will truckle to thee ?
come fill-

A Lord.—Something moves him.
O fuller, fuller yet, till the bright bubbles

How his eyes glare !
Float on the margin. Boy, this ivy wreath Giovanni._ Hush, hush, he's often so.
Palls on my brow-go cull from yonder

Cardinal.-Lyaeus, God Lyaeus !

Come, more lights, The fairest, coolest roses, and entwine

More wine, more music! Let us hail the thein

boy Into a dewy diadem, to fit

Of fair-eyed Semele-see, how I tremble! The brows of ancient Sybarite. My Lords, But it's with joy, believe me. Where are your songs, your mirth, your

(Spills the wine. laughter ? Sit ye

See, it spreads
Dull as yonder sculptur'd marble ? Good Its liquid fragrance on the polish'd floor,

A ruby sea. The godlike sons of Cecrops, Has thy harp lost its music, thy right hand Earth-born themselves, could never find Its cunning ?

a fitter Giovanni. I have a song, Lord Car. Gift to their mother Tellus. Let us hail dinal.

The lucky omen. ( Aside.) Again, again! A madrigal such as the bard of Teos

I'll face thee, Waken'd of yore. He hears menot, but sits I'll beard thee, cursed sprite. Another Rapt in sad meditation.




Full, brimful! ( Aside.) Let your hollow, Twin'd on my hoary hairs? Has music

hollow eyes, Glare through the burning wine-what Within my halls? Has my all-bounteous is't to me?

hand Nay, I will give thee all that I possess Fed the poor widow, and supplied the If thou will leave me but one hour. Ah!


Of many orphans ? Have I built a I see thee still ! I'll quit the banquet,

church ? Lords ;

Founded a convent to our blessed patron ? A sudden pang-a sickness of the heart Have I been called the great, the good And I must leave you. May the god of

Crescentio ?

Been all but sainted ! But one hour of
Shower all his choicest blessings ! My pleasure
Giovanni !

I never knew since-Ah! it comes (Exeunt Cardinal and train.


Now take that holy chalice in your hands; SCENE II.-A Bed-Chamber.

Swear by your hopes of mercy, do you Cardinal-Giovanni-Confessor.

see Cardinal.-Peace, father! it must be. Nothing—there, there ! Oh! raise the pillow

Confessor.-Lord Cardinal, we see noA little higher, and withdraw the shade

Of yonder silken screen, that I may feel But yonder glorious moon.
The freshening breeze of midnight-so.

Cardinal-Out, out! it comes !'
Giovanni !

Its open mouth, and fiery Ethiop eyes, Thou know'st it not. When I am dead, Gleain with a sulph'rous light. O poi. the father

son'd, poison'd! Will tell thee all the hideous tale. Away! Its breath's infectious. Dog! what is't Away ! embrace me not, good youth, but

you want ? weep,

Why bark at me? I never wrong'd you. Aye, weep! Oh, blest if every scalding

Save me! tear

Oh save me, save me! Nay, I feel its Could blot a fault of mine! Have I seem'd happy

Like hundred poniards in my bosom bu. At yonder joyous orgie ? Have I sate

ried. Like Heathen epicure, with graceless Ah me, my heart !-(Dies.) """.



RECOLLECTIONS OF MY VOYAGE. I HAD been for some months in was it for me, in the order of events, expectation of an appointment in In, that my father had the precedure ! dia, in the civil service of the Com. He was both Philip and Aristotle pany, and the “ habitude of my to me. To be sure, his philosophie thoughts had been moulded (some cal attainments were not excessive; what) into the fashion of my expect they were not equal to the gooded destiny ;' but still, when the or- ness of his heart; he would boggle der arrived, I scarcely received it in sadly about the origin of moral and sober equanimity; and then the short, physical evil, as many a wiser man ness of the notice !--I must bid adieu had done before him; but he was to friends and fatherland in three the best of fathers, orderly, exemshort weeks. Not very familiar with plary, kind. I turned to him on this life, at least with the action of life, sudden summons :-I wanted his I felt considerably at a loss how to counsel,—that he would freely give, turn myself on the occasion. Of nay, be disappointed if it were not course, I fell to thinking, and, like asked. I wanted also money, -for many youthful thinkers, thought so his exchequer was my exchequer, much on what I had to do, and with this difference only, that his should do, that I did nothing. I right was possessory, mine petitory; had been accustomed to rely hithere he was the Chancellor, I the suitor. to on the advice and provident fore- Counsel and money! How different sight of an excellent father. Happy the zeal with which they are disit is for many a man that his fa. pensed ! and to this venerable truism ther lived before him, and happy the practice of my father was no exception. To say the truth, he little time before, and I had felt nowas not over-fond of giving away thing but anxiety to be quit of a life money. He had a hive of a family, of expectation, to launch into the and I was the nearest to himself, wide ocean, and be far hence. As that is, the eldest, and had been the the prospect neared of realizing the object, one way or other, of pretty wish, it lost much of its fascination, large draughts, and he had afford. -in fancy, clouds were seen to lower ed me a liberal education, and had where all before was gay in sunny put me in the way of bestirring glow; and little, at the moment, me for myself, and he thought he would have been necessary to induce had done enough ; he wished he had me to renounce ambition, and yield as much done for the others. Pere to the quiet duties of citizenship. haps this could not be denied; but This was a boy's mood, and I had I felt that now was the occasion when not long the opportunity to indulge it was necessary for him to do some it. The night before I was to emthing more ; I suspected, at first, he bark, having been detained in the would say No; but I thought I city almost to the last hour, my famight calculate that this emphatic ther and I went to a small inn at negative would not be pronounced Wapping, to be in readiness for a until after the money was numerated, barge, so as to reach the vessel at and ready to pass from his pocket to Gravesend by an early hour in the mine; that it would be employed, morning. The bustle of departure half to impress the social truth of left little time for drooping thoughts, mutual dependence, (it was a part and I don't know if the most dismal of his character to indulge rather in state of mind could have resisted an modern instances,) and half as the incident that occurred in this stye of last act of expiring authority. To a hostel. The whole furniture of the my father then I wrote. He lived room in which we were was not in a distant town in Scotland, and I worth five shillings; and as the lux. was in London; I mentioned the ury of separate beds was not to be appointment, the limitation in time, had, we were to sleep double. We and what appeared necessary in out- desired the drab in waiting to call us fit and supplies. I longed to see him by half-past four. She grumbled before I * sailed the seas,” to bid she would, and presently we heard him adieu face to face, and charge the key of the door turning. “ The him with a thousand remembrances; devil ! is she going to lock us up?" but the season of the year, (it was I said. The thing was not to do. the month of November, the length We were already imprisoned,-fairly and danger of the voyage along a locked up, and our keeper in full rerocky coast, and with dismal accom- treat. I have since learned, that at modation, these together forbade some of those nestling-places (and the request that he would undertake this was evidently one of them) to the voyage ; and I merely hinted, which voyagers are sometimes driven selfishly, perhaps, the satisfaction í by necessity, the principle of busishould have in seeing him, and left ness is of the safe kind, -to give no it to himself to determine whether it credit for honesty, and treat it as an should be so. Honest gentleman, his exception when it occurs. Our pettiown comfort and safety were ideas coat Cerberus, however, unlike libethat never once crossed him; and a rating jailors, kept to time; a noise at fortnight after my letter was dethe door, something resembling the spatched, he was in London. I was playing of a battering ram, announsitting over the breakfast-table, re- ced the appointed hour; and not sorry volving future scenes and prospects, at the prospect of again tasting free and sometimes in hope, building air, we uncribbed. With the means bright visions of success, and some in her power, it might have occurtimes despondingly figuring disap- red to the Amazon to let herself at pointment and troubles, when the least into the threshold of the apartdoor opened, and he entered. It was ment, and give us the benefit of a as I expected. I had a lecture on eco- more gentle stirring ; but probably Domy, heard of the numerous claims it was considered matter of superfluon him, and got all I required. A ous ceremony to stand on nice terms VOL. XIV.


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