gave one heavy sigh, as if to save his heart from bursting.–

I felt that even his brother and sister had no business to be present at such an interview. But Julia was beginning to prose again ;-and even my earnest sympathy was a something to interpose between his angelic spirit and her worldly wisdom.

He sat down on the sofa,- mechanically, like a person who, stunned by a violent blow, has scarcely yet recovered the use of his faculties ;—but still encircling the waist of his daughter with his arm, as though he felt that at such a moment, she stood more than usually in need of kindness and protection. But Jane had not yet dared to raise her eyes to his face ; rendered more con cious of her gracelessness through his tender forbearance, than by the aid of all the reproaches in the world.

His first word was a generous one.

“ I have been with Mereworth," said he, in a voice I could scarcely recognize as his. "1 find from Lord Chippenham that the blame of this unfortunate business rests entirely with himself. Whatever other accusation may be made against Mr. Walsingham, it appears that in the present instance, he has behaved with temper, courage, and gentlemanly feeling."

Could there be a more generous mode of comforting the wounded feelings of his child !

Julia, was evidently vexed to perceive that Danby displayed neither severity to the offending Jane, nor coldness to the offending Cecil; for she was one of those who delight in a rigid measure of justice. The consequence was that she soon took leave, and I accompanied her out, feeling that two people sincerely attached to each other, had always better be left to the interpretation of their own hearts.

After seeing and satisfying the Mereworths and their son, I hurried home. Another letter from Bruton Street !--not from Marcia,

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but from Lady Crutchley ;-calling me to account for my conduct to her daughter in the terms that are called no measured terms, when one means to designate the strong language of May Fair.

Take it from me, dear sex, who am so generally recoguized your advocate as to be called the female solicitor-general, that out of every four letters you write, you had better burn two; out of every four notes,- whether billets-doux, or billets-amers, three and three quarters.-- (Now for an apothegm— Ahem !) Half the actions, - whether of love or immorality, of modern times and fashionable life, arise from the abuse of the crowquill.You cannot write much or write often, without writing nonsense.

I wish the Crutchley correspondence had contained nothing worse than nonsense !- I have occasionally been called harsh names in tender letters indited by fair hands; and like the roughness of the pine-apple, the fruit has

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