lations of this act, also useful mechanics and
other laborers employed about said works, on
application to him made, a lease for one or two
of the twenty acre out-lots, as is described in
the second section of this act, for the purpose of
cultivation; the lessee to have the use of the
lot or lots three years, for enclosing the same
with a good and lawful fence, and after the ex-
piration of three years, the lessee shall pay to
the said agent one dollar and fifty cents per
acre, yearly; and the said agent shall rent out
any land found fenced and in order for cultiva-
tion at the said works, at the rate of One dollar
and fifty cents per acre, for each year such
person shall lease the same, all which rents
arising from said lands, shall be paid unto the
said agent of the public salt works, for the use
of the state, on the first day of June, yearly and
every year: Provided always, That no lease
shall be given for any of the aforesaid lots,
which shall extend beyond the first day of June,
in the year one thousand eight hundred and

Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the said agent, at the same time when he shall give a license to those who may apply for the occupancy of wells and furnaces, agreeably to the regulations of this act, to assign to such person a lot of timbered land,



Agent's duty as to giving license.

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Sec. 15. And be it further enacted, That an agent be appointed, in the mode pointed out by the first section of this act, whose duty it shall be to make a careful examination of the salt springs, commonly known by the name of the

Agent appointed for the Muskingum salt springs.

Muskingum salt springs, of the strength and

quantity of the salt water, and of the extent of the space within which it may be found, of the quality and situation of the lands belonging to the same, of the quantity and quality of the timber or other fuel, of the number of wells, furnaces and kettles, there in use in manufacturing Salt, of the state of cultivation and of the number of the buildings erected on said lands, to lease out at his discretion, for the term of one year, from the first day of June next, said lands and the right of manufacturing salt at said Springs, to such person or persons as may apply for the same, to prohibit any unnecessary waste of timber, to bring suit or suits in behalf of the state, against any person or persons who may trespass hereafter on the aforesaid premises, and to make an accurate statement of his discov

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His duty.

To report to the next general assembly.

Inent Of this

Coparceners, etc., holding eStates COInpelled to make partition under certain resOlutions.

Courts before whom proceedings to be had.

ELIAS LANGHAM, Speaker of the house of representatives.

NATH. MASSIE, Speaker of the senate. January 27th, 1804.

An act, to provide for the partition of real estates.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Ohio, That all joint tenants, tenants in common and coparceners of any estate or estates, in lands, tenements or hereditaments, within this state, may be compelled to make or suffer partition of such estate or estates, in manner hereinafter prescribed, and that where such estate or estates is or may be situated in two or more counties, the proceed1ngs under this act shall be had before the supreme court, when said court shall be in session in any one of the counties where a part of the premises, so to be divided, shall be situated; and where such estate or estates is, or may be, situ. ated in one county only, the proceedings may be


had before the court of common pleas of such county. *

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That any person being a joint tenant, coparcener or tenant in common of any such estate or estates, or the executor, administrator, guardian or agent of any such person, may file his or petition in the Supreme court or court of common pleas, as the case may require, praying that partition of such estate or estates may be made, which petition shall set forth the nature of the title or claim of the demandant, the tract or tracts of land, the tenements or hereditaments, of which partition is demanded, and also the name and place of residence of each joint tenant, coparcener and tenant in common, with such demandant, if they shall be known to such demandant, and if, on examination, it shall appear that the demandant hath a good and legal right and title to any part or proportion of such estate or estates, then the court shall proceed, at the term in which such petition may be filed, to order and direct a partition to be had and made in the manner prescribed by the provisions of this act: Provided, It shall appear that the notice required by this act hath been sufficiently and legally given, and no sufficient reason shall appear why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted, other

CoparceneIS, etc., to prefer petitition to Court.

To State the Ilature of the claim, etc.

When the party has a legal title, the court to order partition.


In case notice hath been given.

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